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Anybody else notice how close the accelerator is going to be to the new firewall? That is one hell of a big gearbox. Anybody have any idea on the amount of heat that monster will produce? :?: You might end up hot footed :?: I think this install would go better in a RHD car... :D:D

I would hate to be going for the brake and catch the accelerator on the way past :shock:


fastzcars any chance of getting some closer shots of the pedal area :?:


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Hi guys. I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics. The Z is in a pro-builder's shop. I don't even know the owner's name. All Golly and Nelson said was this guy called last year and wanted the baddest Z ever. So they kicked around the idea of the viper engine. Then 2 months later parts started arriving at their door. Like the whole drivetrain,brakes,suspension, and finally the car. The owner hasen't even seen his car. The estimate for the build is around 70gs. It'll probably go higher than that :roll: when it's completed. Who knows. Sorry guys I don't know much than that. :?

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Guest jimhalsey

well, you guys beat me to it with the pictures. I posted in the High Tech forum yesterday for the first time, wasn't aware that this dialogue was going on here. That's my car alright, not much to look at yet but you should have seen it 6 mo's ago. Got a deal on a brand new Viper crate motor, trans, engine controller, engine harness, fuel pressure regulator, and other micellaneous stuff for less than what the engine itself discounts for. Including the Viper Crate Motor Installation Manual (part # P5007220, $25 list from your local Mopar dealer). It provides full technical details (dimensions, circuit diagrams, fuel system specs, available Viper performance parts, etc.) of what the Viper motor and trans needs from its environment, also explains how the crate motor differs from an actual production car engine, the crate motor is really set up to facilitate the installation in a non-Viper chassis, the engine controller and harness do not need alot of signals that the production car uses.


I originally was impressed with a maroon 72 240Z with fuel injected Chevy 350/T5 that Nelson built, saw the car at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank one Friday night right after reading about it in Grassroots Motorsporst magazine. Had intentions of doing as LS1/T56 drivetrain but when I saw how much room there was in front of a Chevy I got to thinking and realized I knew where I could acquire a Viper crate motor and the concept took off. Nelson and Golly are the right guys for the job. I HAVE seen the car in person recently and the workmanship is first rate.


I hope to have it finished in 6 months but it could take longer to fully sort. The goal is to have a fully reliable, comfortable (sound and heat insulation will be a big focus) bad ass street car that can do open track. I already vintage race a 65 Shelby and a 70 Boss 302 Trans Am car at tracks like Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Thunderhill, so no need for street contests. Car club open track events are generally good safe opportunities to test your car and yourself on big league road courses, you just need to pass tech inspection, have a helmet with a current certification and a fire extinguisher. They also usually have driving instructors available for those who want to develop their skills.

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Hi JimHalsey. I'm so glad that your not mad about me taking the pictures of your car :) . Your car will be one of the BADDEST Z's out there :twisted: . After seeing it for myself, you might want to check out MODERN MOTOTSPORTS website. They are coming out with NEW axel stubs, and beefier CV joint's. With that engine you'll need a bullet proof drivetrain back there. I hear nothing but good things about Ross's customer service. Anyway welcome aboard Jim. P.S. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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