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Rust removal


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I got rust, nice peices in great places! On the 280zx where the windscreen pillar comes down to the fender ares on the pinch weld, its there! What would be the best way to remove this?


Divers Side Rust



Passengers Side Rust



Any advice would be great! I would love to be able to handle all this myself!



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In cleaning up my 250 GTO project I had surface rust on rear end. I wire brushed it and used some left over POR 15 Rust converter. Sprayed the rust converter on with a spray bottle and rinsed off with water hose the next day. and when dry painted with a rattle can that mentioned "rust preventative" on the can You can go to about any paint shop and get the rust converter that I call "osphos". Since it will be awhile befire I bond on the rear shell tub , I can observe how this quick fix works on surface rust without spending $200 bucks on a rust proof paint crap. I got onto the POR15 mania and spent a lot of money on some real crappy Por 15 paint products on another project when I probably only needed a little "osphos" rust converter to treat under the battery. see rust picture http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/larryjohnson97438/detail?.dir=8223&.dnm=bc21.jpg&.src=ph

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