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has anyone had any experience with a SBC matched to a Skyline/300zx 5 speed gearbox? I have been told by my local S30 mechanic that the box will fit, but needs an adapter plate. I'm contemplating this box as a replacement for my 75 260's TH350. the twin turbo 300zx box is strong and aparently comes in two lengths, is cheaper than a tremec by far and on face value looks to be a good option. I don't have the experience to do this swap myself and would job it out but I don't want to start and find that it's going be a headache. Any thoughts?

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lots of things you will need to figure out...


  • diameter and length of input shaft, will it be the correct length to make it through the adapter and into the gm crank?
  • what is the outside diameter of the shaft where it will need to ride inside the pilot bushing? Is there a pilot bushing made that fits the inside diameter of the chevy crank as well as the outside diameter of the nissan input shaft?
  • most manual trannies are centered in the bellhousing via the outside diameter of the front bearing retainer.. does the Nissan trans have a removable bellhousing, or it is integral? heck if I know....
  • how to design the spacer/adapter and make sure it is concentric as well as centered, check to see if trans-dapt or advance adapters makes something that will assist in what you are trying to do
  • what to do about a clutch/flywheel combo, i.e. Nissan Disc, and what diameter, gm pressure plate, which bellhousing?
  • what form of clutch actuation will work for you? hydraulic, mechanical?

it may be able to be done, but you will need to start doing the measuring, research etc....

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Some how I really doubt that this will be a cheaper option than a WC-T5. You will need to figure a clutch/pressure plate combo that works with the SBC flywheel and Skyline tranny input shaft and you will need to make an adapter/bellhousing for the Skyline tranny to SBC. The adapter will not be cheap because you will have to pay someone to build it from scratch and we all know custom fabriation is not cheap.


Just buy a WC-T5 and it will bolt right up and finding a clutch will be no problem.


IMHO, its not worth the headache unless you just want to say you have a Skyline tranny in your SBC power car.



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i spent a lot of time looking around at nissan/infinity transmissions to replace the slush box in my 90 m30 nissan is a parts bin company, the transmissions in some of the trucks, up till i think 97 were the same as the 300z tt if you look around you would be more likely to find the truck tranny cheaper, im not sure about gear ratio's. on another note, the engine in the m30 is the same that they used in early 300z , do you think a sbc would fit in that??

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