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250 GTO Owners Thread

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Very very impressive. Congratulations.

Found these two at a local consignment dealer.             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11090             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11089  

Boranni got their modern (hub) design from Dayton...  You might say Boranni and Dayton wheels are essentially the same, because the only real difference is where the spoke go through the rim.

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DUKE... How much $$$ are you having to pay???


...Think I've located a v12 with Webers for the GTO. Photos on sunday.


I'll run the 6 for at least a year while I collect parts and plan the swap. It'll be a bit of a shame now that I've drop all this coin on getting it to run so well.

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Hey Mike,

Although "Oz" does have strong feelings about the sidepipes keep this in mind while doing your build. It is "your" car. If in fact a true to original or "replica" is what you're going for then maybe not. This is an expression of yourself. Of your personality and character (probably why you didn't just buy a factory built car). You obviously want something original and unique. I've seen pics of a VR with pipes...not bad. And everything is reversible. Consider that at the end of the day you have to like the car.


Oz, I received the manuals. They look awesome. Great job. Thanks.

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Guest chlorinepirate

not to bug you all but where can i find the body kit to do this to my Z? ever since i found out the guy that produced them is located in the city i live in i've been having a field day of imagination

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You want to think the whole process through before you do anything. Think about how much time, money, skills and resources you will have for the project. I bet there are plenty of half-finished (one-hundredth finished more likely) replicas lying around in garages all over the place. You could start looking there or you could buy a complete 6 cyl car (I think the one that has been on e-bay for months would take $20,000) and add your own V8, or, you can can do a full rotisserie-up build or somewhere in between. It's your call, but don't put any side-pipes on it - right, Mike! That's what Cobras were designed for.

You might want to try these for starters, and good luck:







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Guest chlorinepirate

yeah i found the thunder ranch site but i was curious if their kit is topless or not. i wouldn't want to swim in the rain. and i would prefer it if it wasnt a convertible top kit, which is what im looking for and can't seem to find. Oh it will take quite some time before i go through with this and plan on making it look very swell, i have a 75' 280z and one day was like whaaat that looks amazing. i can do that to my car? haha well thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Google sucks hahaha


edit: thanks i found everything my heart could desire haha beats buying a real ferrari. hell of a lot cheaper.

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