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That's what my Grandfather did in the 1920's-1940's in Northern Italy. Only he travelled under the lines with a motorcycle, scope, binoculars and hunting dog, to inspect high tension lines from the ground. He always took his hunting gear with him and mixed work with hunting. He was also a national champion clay shooter.


That is a cool job no matter how you look at it. Not many people with that on their resume!

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Guest l28et

Haha.. I like the last line.. "there are only three things in life Ive ever been afraid of, electricity, heights and women. And Im married too!"


I hate heights.. not for me...

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Guest silvertonguedevil

those guys are crazy! i build communication towers, tallest ive been on is 1550', so the hieghts dont bother me. but, screw electricity! i get nervous everytime i got to climb one of the high tension towers.

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