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aftermarket brakes i.e. outlaw, etc.. dust seals?

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Ok, Wilwoods obviously don't have dust shields but do any of the Outlaw calipers? I will be doing some form of serious upgrade for my road racing,(non class important), but am not willing to deal with rebuilding on a regular basis.

I drive in all kinds of condtions, rain, mud, etc.. and no dust shields on the brakes would be asking for problems. Mike? Ross? Any thoughts for a serious upgrade with dust shields? Or experience of driving for several years without them?


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none of the racing calipers have dust seals.

generally every season on a race car for seals and every 2 years for a street car. i wouldnt call that high maintenance. its more for when you push the pistons in to replace pads that you should clean them off.


there are street brembos and AP that have dust seals as well as a brand made by SSBC .


if you want a 2 piston caliper use mustang ones or the cheaper 4runner conversion .


for road racing you need real brakes not toyota stuff though.

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Mike, I am starting to look at your brake upgrade packages. I was considering the Stage II 5lug front package. What would you recommend to compliment this for the rear? I understand you have a new kit that uses 240SX calipers? Or would the Stage II Outlaw rear kit be better? I'd rather have the e-brake capability if possible without any spot calipers.

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If you are running your Z on the track regularly you should (at least once per season):


1. Pull the calipers (and all other brake components), clean, inspect, and replace worn parts.

2. Clean the chassis looking for cracks.

3. Replace worn fasteners.

4. Disassemble, clean, inspect, and lube all steering and suspension components.

5. Disassemble, clean, and inspect all engine, trans, and diff mounts.

6. Disassemble, clean, inspect, and lube all bearings, hubs, stub axles, driveshaft, and halfshaft.

7. ...and lots more stuff...


This kind of fundamental maintenance is what keeps your car safe and on the track.

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all depends on looks for the rear.

do you want matching calipers to the front?

solid or vented rear rotors.


any use of outlaws on rears requires spots for a ebrake (unless you use a park lock) .


you can use the 240sx calipers and the brackets we had CNC'd . really depends on the choice you want to look at -

Ruben and Jason have the vented rears with additonal spots and 3 others have the solid rears with spots. and then MIke Kelly and myself have no ebrake except the park lock


for track use - vented rear rotors -for all other use that is just for looks. but most of what we do to the nicer cars IS for looks.

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Guest Anonymous

I hate sounding ignorant, but there's no avoiding it. What are "spots"? Sounds like a parking brake solution? I want to use Outlaw or Wilwood calipers F/R. Solo II SM2 doesn't specifically require OPERATIONAL parking brake, but I'll have to license the car to get it to the events, so I guess some sort of parking brake is required.


Educate me.

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what we are calliing spots are "spot calipers" these are small mechanical calipers that are used in additon to the hydraulic ones purely for ebrake.


if your car needs annual testing for ebrake it will need them


if you dont need testing then a ebrake is just personal prefernce. my hasnt had one in 5 + years - would be nice sometimes but i can live without it

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