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DeatschWerks injectors? who has em?


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Getting together my parts for the turbo upgrade--- and injectors are my next purchase. Anyway I have heard a lot about these DeatschWerks injectors... who here runs these injectors... is it worth the savings? How do they actually compare to nismo, or sard or the other popular injector companies?




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well i don't have them in my RB26DETT, but i build a KA24E and used them they where great. and you are right they are stock bodies with reworked cores which i like because i know that they will fit. i have hks in my RB right now and my next set will be DeatschWerks injectors. the hks don't seem to like the greedy e-man ulta. i know that sounds wrong they are an on/off switch that should care but they won't keep a proper stoik.(650cc)

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