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  1. that nose is there to stay unless you are pretty good with body work.... Thank you for the advice on the title listing--- i will change that as well. -Eric
  2. First and foremost- thank you hybridz for all of the help, information and research you have provided. I enjoyed being a part of the community, and had i not moved into NYC for work I would still be a part of it. The car is on ebay and I have tremendous interest and it will for sure be gone in 9 days. This is by far the most knowledgeable, down to earth, community and I will someday rejoin! -Eric
  3. depends on the use. although I am not a big fan of meth on street cars it lets you be a little more aggressive with timing. I would prefer a mild cam with springs and retainers. but its all preference. Numbers arent everything on the street. I love the ability to get instant boost around town. Especially though the tunnels and bridges. ha!
  4. get a 3071r on a stock log manifold welded for external 38mm tial mvs. swain coat it after you get the vband welded on and throw some deatschwerk injectors in there (550cc). I prefer powerfc to tune- but that should be good for 350-375 usable whp with a GREAT powerband. Near instant boost.
  5. just finished and it sucked just like i thought it would. I hope i dont have to do that again.... -Eric
  6. ugh this is gonna be a PITA. I was hoping someone would have had a special trick or something. -Eric
  7. So in order for my door to line up-- it needs to be slammed. In directing my buddy to do so he over did it--- breaking hte passenger glass. I got a fresh window. Removed all broken glass (although I am sure I will sit on a piece at the perfect time) Removed all the screws--- but have no idea how to get the window actually bolted up! The bolts screw in from between the door skin and the glass--- making it easy to disassemble when the window is in 1000 pieces, but not so much when you have a full piece of glass. Am I missing something? I feel like the door and the skin separate but it looks like one piece on my door.....
  8. So my doors need a little umph to close--- and yesterday i over umphed. Thus shattering my window everywhere. Anyone have a spare passenger window? if so emails the best way to get in touch. eguidice@hotmail.com thanks Eric
  9. I have a stripped interior and the datsun is my only car (public transportation during the week) Heat is held in nicely during the winter, it reeks of exhaust anyway, so not having anything else doesn't really do anything either way. I have an RB and its REALLY loud on the inside--- but not from exhaust drone--- just ambient noise that you don't notice unless there is someone else in the car you have to talk to and you realize how much you have to raise your voice to be heard. Regardless I wouldnt have it any other way--- I like the tin can feeling. one pic. THe cage is going to be welded in soon, pulled back approx 6"- Thats where it was bolted in when I first got it-- and rather then make new holes I will be addint 1/4" thick material to the wells and welding the cage to that to bring the top bar back. Regardless- it has everything that you would want (minus a cupholder) and works great. -Eric
  10. The sound on the video sucks--- a lot of wind noise, bad camera. Will be doing another video soon w/ much better camera etc etc. -E
  11. Got a mac and put together my first video---which was really fun in itself but wanted to share. NWS for language in the song Drake-"over" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjyBqkqaOZY -E
  12. steering shaft clearance was my next question. After this east coast sonic meet I am going to put the car down for the manifold turbo finally. It looks like it will be close with the shaft-- but there is a slight chance that it may fit when I eye it up
  13. This is my first time using the site really since the migration. I definately need to get back on these boards. Its just my first time using this software. ILl be back though...
  14. just had a great cruise this weekend and cant wait for the warm weather

  15. Just as an update the manifold was ditched due to the horrible wall thickness and setting myself up for intense crackage. Replaced with an Stec number. Will keep posted on results either way
  16. received! thanks man tool looks great- Cant wait to get to work. -E
  17. Wow thats an awesome pan. Nice work Pat
  18. bump it up- Would like another set due to power increase and the for-sureability of breaking one at the track with my DRs
  19. Interesting---I was looking at that one- however I had not heard of anyone using it up until now- and the stec was a twin scroll setup. Also the dual drilled flanged weirded me out- But it is good to hear that it has lasted you that long. The Stec is made out of the same thickness material. Do you have any pics of what you had to do to fit the wastegate? -E
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