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making the final drive stronger


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ok so hers wat i got: NIssan 300zx 86 body with a supercharged 355 sbc and a built turbo 350 trani.

heres wat i want: goin to have a custom drive shaft made by fleet pride which will be aluminum


wat i want: is a final drive/ axles/ and subfram that is powerful enough to handle the power from the engine


heard about a ford 9inch ring and pinion set up,

were can i get a stong final drive set for this car, does anyone know of a company that rebulids final drives for import cars such as mine?, any help would be greatly appreciated

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So a ford nine inch is 288.6mm, the r230 is 1.4mm larger then the ford nineinch, so ive been told its stronger. So the r200 is 200mm (3.9 to 1) 7.9 inches. Is this correct? What sort of lsd would you recommend for the R200? This car will be street and drag. I have been reading up on the carbon clutch type 700-1000$. This might not be the forum to ask this, but wat sort of roll cage/ fram bracing/rearend support/front end support would you recommend, so that the car doesnt rip apart? I have been looking at a few things which were a roll cage and the STI has a support package that one can buy. I saw this in a magizene which really interested me. It was made so that you were not need to have a roll cage on the street. it had all underbody supporting and strut tower supports and behind the seatfloor brace. Is any of this worth it? COuld i adapt some of these ideas so that when the car hooks up on launch i dont crush it like a tin can?

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