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Ford V8 Conversion Writeup


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Solar, wish I had known it was just a 7 / 9 series, as I just bought a stock Z rad a week before your post. Thanks though. Do you know for sure about the outlet locations?






Not good if you like pics, but more 5.0 documentation nonetheless. FYI, if you're on the Zhome page and are annoyed that they made it a 'framed' webpage where you are always on the same 'home page' at the top, right click the particular page you're on and choose 'This Frame' --> 'Show only this page'. Now you can post links and save pages as bookmarks from this site and other 'Framed' websites.

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Hey there,


Im really interested in doing this swap, but a few things are holding me back. I saw u did it with a 240z, the vehicle that i have is an 82 280zx. It has the t5 in it already, but i may swap it to an AODe and a ratchet shift. What all diferences are there between the 2 vehicles. And what other fabrication will i have to do to ensure making everything fit.

Any other help will be appreciated, and as soon as i get enough money to start the build ill get some pictures going.


Thank you!

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