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Ford V8 Conversion Writeup


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After installing a 289 in my 240Z, which I call my Z8, I wrote up a description of the process, and included drawings for the motor mounts etc. I thought this might be of interest, and helpful to some of you, so here's the link:


Click here: 240Z V8 Conversion – Small block Ford


Happy reading!

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This is one of the cleanest conversions I've seen. I was working at some of the same items, but your solutions are much simpler. I wanted to install the engine without universals on the steering shaft just as you did, but I was thinking of the cradle mounting Corvette isolators with fabricated engine mounts. Much more involved.


My engine is a 1992 Police 5.0 from a Mustang with 17,000 miles. Cop tried to do a 180 turn and missed a shift, mustang slid back into a power pole and inserted into the body so far it bent the rear end. This is coupled with a cleaned up Explorer intake (lower half has been ported) and GT-40P heads, cleaned up and slightly ported. I found some of the old

Coast Mustang GT-40P shorty headers (remove the collectors for space).


I've been doing the heads and prepping the block for reassembly, while waiting to dig into the mounts. Up till now just sketches.


Car is a near Rust Free 76 280Z coupe.


Also using a T-5 transmission.


Your writeup has saved me untold amount of time.



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I was only thinking about doing the swap until I read your write up. I then stopped thinking and started doing. I ended up not using your mounts. However if i had not read your article i would have still just been thinking about it. I now have the engine and tranny installed, took less than two days including fabbing the mounts. All that is left is to hook everything up. i think I will have it done in about another week.


You have saved me alot of time and most of all inspired me to just do it. The swap was actually easier than all of the work I did just thinking about it.

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Well, I hate to think about the costs too much, but I probably spent a little over four grand in the conversion (not including the cost of the car or motor). That would include clutch, driveshaft, limited slip R200 diff, new cooling system, bell housing, Tremec, oil pan, mounts, powder-coating, suspension rebuild etc etc. Lots of little things add up pretty quickly. Some of this cost is offset by left over Datsun parts that I sold after the conversion. By doing more shopping at the junk yard rather than buying so many new parts, one could reduce this cost significantly.

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Dayum dude, i got more information just from your 1 "article" than i have from months of surfing all over the web. From me and my son, and a lot of others...THANKS.

I came here with a header question but after just browsing your article, you have answered every question i have had for a while now, but if i have any more i am sure you have it covered... :D

Now for my 500 Z project to start

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