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sr20det intercooler question


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ok, so im doing an sr20det in my 75 280z and i'm doing a similar setup as Alex's top mount 240z from vildini motorsports. (mines a little more mickey mouse thought:weird:) I had an ubber-noob moment and decided to run a q45 throttlebody instead of the stock sr throttlebody. that being said there is bout 1 to 1.5 inch gap between the throttlebody and the intercooler outlet, is it ok to just use a 3''-3.5'' transition hose to connect the intercooler to the throttlebody? Does anyone think there will be any issues with engine movement causing the hose to tear under load?


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I'm doing a v mount with my SR20 setup as well, but I had more space between the enigne and intercooler than that. I used a transition and a hump hose. I would put the IC more forward if you could. On the other hand You could solidly mount the engine... but this isn't a good enough reason to do that.

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where did you get that ic?

i cant find the exact one i got but here is another one ou can use, just make sure the dimensions will fit your car.


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