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My next project Vk56de titan engine in a Z32.

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I disagree about the aftermarket support. I have seen way more parts come out for the 56 over the 45. Yes everything for that is expensive but any kind of major swap into a Z32 is.

I have installed a stillen supercharger with secondary injectors and the piggyback that came with it onto a customers QX56, and I have to say that it kinda scared me on the road that something that big could move the way it did.

I am all for the swap. I know it would be awesome. After seeing the RB26 swap on RBZ32 that tayfuu did I have confidence that the 56 should be no problem.

Remember this site is about thinking outside the box.



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I dont mean as no aftermarket support for the VK56DE in general. But For the VK56DE swap. I know there is no support for the VH either for swaps. But there is more support for it than the 56. I love both engines. I find both to be MONSTERs... but to me the VK56DE is what the Big block is to domestics... I will stick with my small block engines.

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This adapter should be for the VK56 to 6-speed from what I've seen. It does say 5-speed but I believe this adapter was made for that guy running the VK56 in the drift 350Z. Looking at the pattern, I'm pretty confident its for the newer 350Z 6-speed... I'd double check though.





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After meeting with some experts this weekend and showing them my research.. I came up with more aftermarket mods for a vk56 than a vh45. They agreed for me to do the vk56de swap. Also on another note some guy is gonna run a LS1 computer with his vk56de,he said he was going to set his up for paddel shifting..



I use to own a '06 titan .. it was not stock. It was the best and fastest truck i ever owned just sucked down gas too much 12.3mpg highway.



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i have a 350z 6speed to going on to a 1uzfe vvti

any know where i could find a yoke for it ive had no luck anywhere

or dose anyone know if a yoke out of a different car would fit by any chance



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I see your point! and your probably correct on that from a strength stand point, Butt!!!!!!!!! cost is always a Factor!


First, we are just building the Adapter plate not doing the engineering, second this swap is expensive enough as it is, and if the person has the transmission already this helps to reduce the cost of the swap!



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