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  1. It's a 17x10.5 +20 replica wheel, iirc he was using a 275/40/17. He has a cardomain profile if the site still exists.
  2. Okay. Please keep the updates coming. I've been wanting to do an S14 rear subframe swap for years now, good to see someone doing so I know what I'm getting into.
  3. Auto rev match came in the Z34. I don't race my Z33, I just do random HPDE events. The factory ABS is a bit wonky and intrusive and there's vids on Youtube of the ABS pump blowing and sending the car into full lockup. Other than that just keep an eye on oil and rear diff temps, apparently they like to cook both.
  4. http://www.datsunzparts.com/products.html Scroll down the page for 280ZX floorboards.
  5. Scroll down page 43, he's running 5 lug though.
  6. They recently posted on their FB page that they set them up to use T3 camber plates.
  7. I would gladly do this, plus I've already removed the engine and trans. But alas, I live in Ohio. I did share the info on a 280ZX owners page to hopefully get you someone closer. I'm interested in a VK kit once you've got them developed.
  8. There has been further development but information as to just how far it has gotten is still a bit hard to find. One of the links takes you to a thread on another forum where they go into more detail about what they've done, and it's the most recent info I can find.
  9. So, just checking in for any progress/updates on this.
  10. Would you happen to have done a build thread on this?
  11. I was looking for shots of how close the heads come to the strut towers and how close to the firewall the engine sits. I couldn't really tell that well from the photos you have posted previously.
  12. Care to share a few pictures of it mounted? And also what you did to mount it?
  13. Would I be able to trouble you for some clear under hood shots? I would like to use them as reference for mine, although what I've go planned is a bit different.
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