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My next project Vk56de titan engine in a Z32.

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I see your point! and your probably correct on that from a strength stand point, Butt!!!!!!!!! cost is always a Factor!


First, we are just building the Adapter plate not doing the engineering, second this swap is expensive enough as it is, and if the person has the transmission already this helps to reduce the cost of the swap!




Well after the 2nd or 3rd tranny that you grenade you'll probably wish you spent time on an adapter for a decent tranny.(I'm not being argumentative, just trying to help...I'm a Nissan tech and seeing these trannys not even hold up to the 350Z's power would make me wonder how its ever going to hold the TQ of the VK56)



They are a very cheap tranny, we don't have to send them back to Nissan so we just throw them away or give them away if someone wants them. When I was at training last summer one of the instructors was telling me how even the best techs have a hard time rebuilding these trannys because most of the parts can be flip flopped and fit but wont actually work if it's installed backwards. He also said in his opinion its way over engineered with too many parts which also makes it a PITA to rebuild. We also don't rebuild them because the parts from the old tranny don't work in the new "counter measure" transmission so they just have us replace the whole thing.


I would still love to see this car in action! And would love to see how the tranny handles the abuse! Who knows you may never have a problem!...



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I would have to differ...

Most Z33 tranies are known to implode even with stock HP. Z32 trannies are proven to more than 400hp.


I work on them every day. I have never replaced one for something that wasn't caused by the driver. Not one has sheared a gear, it's always synchronizer issues, which don't just happen.

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Don't make that mistake, I did.


This adapter should be for the VK56 to 6-speed from what I've seen. It does say 5-speed but I believe this adapter was made for that guy running the VK56 in the drift 350Z. Looking at the pattern, I'm pretty confident its for the newer 350Z 6-speed... I'd double check though.





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I'm helping my friend Chris Haskel with his VK56 S14 240SX project and I made an adapter plate for a VK56DE using a 350Z/370Z transmission. I have both early model (CD005 and before) and also the late model (CD009) 370Z (high rev motor) bolt patterns into the adapter as well. I am going to start selling these if anyone is interested. I was thinking $450 to start if I could get a bulk order I'm sure I could get the price down. I have the bolt patterns for Z32 stuff as well, just let me know what you guys want and I can make it.. clutch stuff isn't really an issue, if you've dealt with this sort of thing before. The picture shown was the mock-up plate that I used for test fitting..















I'm in Florida so if anyone is local, feel free to stop by and check stuff out,

if you have questions or what ever feel free to contact me on my email at




I'll keep you guys updated with his Swap as he gets it going..


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