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Think I got taken


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Hey all. I'm rebuilding the engine in my 83 zx and decided to replace the stock head with an n42 head. Accourding to some research it will give more compression. I'm not trying to build a race car here. I just want a little more power. I'm adding headers and some custom exhaust as well. I decided to put a cam from motorsports in but whilst on ebay I see this deal http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=160273414686&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=006. I figure I cant go wrong seeing as the cam I wanted was over 500.00 and I still had to do head work to the old n42 head I had.:confused:


I recieved the head on friday and the first thing I noticed is the cam looks just like the stock cam with no other markings or stamps like regrinds would have. I mic'd the lobs of the "new" cam and then the lobes of the stock cam I have and found them to be identical. I have read several posts here on schneider cams and noticed the cams are pretty mild but shouldn't there be enough of a difference to notice? Does anyone know if schneider puts any identifying marks on thier cams and where? It wouldnt make much sense for them not to.


Also I noticed the arms had been ground on. Arent the arms hardened and wouldnt grinding them remove the hardened surface? They (rocker arms) dont appear smooth at all. Looks like someone took a hand grinder to them!!

Any info on how to tell for sure if this is indead a schneider cam before I report this to paypal would be great.


It should be mentioned that I have written a message to the seller asking him politely if there was a chance I got sent the wrong head. He does have several of them according to his auction. I have not received a response as of yet.

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You have to be wary of this one. Even though he has a 99% rating with over 4k items, you have to be careful about what you are buying from him.


He sold a crank supposedly from a diesel. The buyer was out of country and when he got back a year later the crank was just a stock crank. The place where the marking should have been to show it was a diesel crank were ground off. I know there is a thread on zcar from a while back you will need to searchdiesel crack and ebay in the car talk section. It may have been discussed here as well.


This is another thread on classiczcars.





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Darrel Thanks for the links. I now know a little more about who I'm dealing with. I'll get some pics posted soon. I just took some close up shots of the rocker arms and casting marks on the crank. I'm using a friend pc and I have to get the pics on a disk before I can post em.


Can anyone tell me if its ok to grind on datsun rocker arms? I was under the impression that they were heat treated and this would take off the treated surface!!

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It’s been a pain to get the pics up here! I can’t get online at my new place right now until the run the cable down my driveway. Cable company makes it sound like the whole world has to stop for them to run 700ft of cable!!


Anyway my friend’s pc is a dinosaur. So I have to put the pics on cd first then upload them to the computer. I tried to put pics on the site yesterday but they were to big so I would have to resize them first.


I'm loading them to photo bucket now and should have the links up tonight.


I went ahead and let paypal sort it out and they took the money back from him but they are making me pay to ship the head back. I'm not very happy about this but something is better than nothing. I'm also reporting his deeds to e-bay and anyone else that will listen. I would normally not make such a big deal out of something like this but this was no accident. This seller intentionally lied and was hoping he could get away with it. I can’t help but think about if someone else would have purchased this item and didn’t check it like I did. It’s just not fair to mislead people like that!


Anyway I'm done ranting for now. I'll post the pics soon

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Looks to me like he just scuffed off the discoloration the arms get on the ends of the contact patch from the cam not touching there.


I also have used rocker arms that were used, with no issues whats so ever. Long as the rocker arm has a centered pad, and there is no damage to it (like a flat spot in the center of the arch) I feel there is nothing to be gained by buying new ones (unless its a no holds bared build).

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The fact they are used doesn’t bother me at all. I was under the impression that these arms underwent a hardening process that would be removed if you were to grind on the surface? Maybe the pics don’t show it enough but if you ran your finger across the pad it would probably result in missing skin. (Not exaggerating here) No simple scuff or polish here. The surface feels and looks as if a rock grinding disk was taken to it. Try looking at he pics "Full size"

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