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tripple weber carbs starting problems

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Ok so heres the thing and im stumped. Really need someones opinion and help.

I have a 73 240z

tripple weber 40dcoe

50f9 idles

130 main

180 air

55 bleed valves.

L28 engine L6

It started when I went into my garage. I took out the the second carb so I can have the bleed valve taken out. Brought it to a shop got it back 3 days later. Put it on and it wont start.

Its getting gas in the bowls the starter is turning over like normal. Its just not starting. Its turning over but no start..

Can anyone help me on this problem???

I changed out the spark plugs to new ones and still no result.



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have you actually checked the spark, not just installed new plugs???? get a dumb buddy to hang on and see!!! next is the fuel leaving the carbs, do the plugs get wet?? even if it say had a vacuum leak, it should still run, and being only the middle carb went out for moddification, the outer 2 should still start and run the engine.

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LOL :P Actually did have my friend hold it. Yeah its gettign spark. Thinking it could be the ignition module. Its gettign spark but maybe not enough so Ill to work on that. I'll open up my carb covers to see how much is flowing in. Plugs are not wet either.

Hmmm my boyfriend dont even know either. I guess hes usless. LOL:tongue:

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If my battery is low, I can still make the starter works but the engine will not start. Have you tried to charge the battery?

Another time, my distributor was not tight enough; with heat and other misc. stuffs, timing went out. The car would not start neither.


I don't think it could affect the starting process but have you checked the spark plugs gap before to install new ones?

Have you resetted the idle speed screw? The shop might have played with them...

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my car is very hard to start when its cold/cool. It all has to do with the timing and my rediculous cam. It is a track only car, so I dont care as long as it starts when its warm. I have found however that if I really want to get it going when its cold, I can retard the timing a bit and them move it back after its run for a bit.


I think it was someone on this site that once said something along the lines of "forest gump it. Run it rich and retarded and it will start." then go from there.

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Try some starting fluid...see if it starts when you spray some in all the throttle bores....if it does then maybe the pump jets are not spraying fuel...check to make sure all bolts that should be tight are tight you could have a big time vacum leak. Use the chokes if you have the cable hooked up or just try and hold them manually while someone turns the car over...why did you get the bleed valve changed or taken out?

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