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First ride in the Fast Burn 385 280z today....

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Well we took the first " real" test drive

in my dad's 280 today.At first the car didnt

seem all that fast. So we took it home to

check it out. Come to find out he was only

getting about 3/4 of the primarys open and

NONE of the secondarys! So we fooled with

the throttle stop on the floor and got it

to open the cab up 100%. Damn, what a difference, that thing now flat hauls butt

and drives great. Now I really need to get mine running icon_sad.gif .

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Guest Anonymous

Congrats to your Dad. That sounds like a great swap, those secondaries DO make a difference don't they? icon_smile.gif


Good luck on getting yours going,



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Yeah ,I am real happy for him . We are going

to paint them the same color and have the

same style for interior.Kinda cool father

and son project! Davy Z , you can bet on it

that me and my pops will run against each

other at Sac Raceway when mine is done. His

motor is high tech= roller cam and alloy heads. And mine is old school= 292/480 solid

cam and ported fuelie heads. It will be a

good race when the time comes icon_biggrin.gif

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I probably don't give my dad enough credit. He has helped alot on my car over the years and is always on hand if I need assistance, advice, etc. He's usually the one saying do it the easy way - problem is I hardly ever listen icon_wink.gif.


Building this car with my dad around has been alot of fun.


Hey, how is the power band on that 385 motor? I heard it was all over above 5000 rpm with that engine. Any comments?


Congrats! That is going to be way cool having matching appearance V8Zs with your dad!

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Hey Pete, I am not sure how much more top end is in the car since he is still breaking

in the motor. We took it once to 5 grand and

it seemed to still be pulling hard. Still

though not enough cam for me icon_biggrin.gif .


As for predtions on who's is will be faster

is up in the air! All I know is that the

350 that I have came from my bro in laws

chevelle is a real romper. Its just plain

nasty at idle with that 292 cam and gear

drive icon_razz.gif .

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