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t56 wont bolt up to ls2. HELP!!


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Basically, this is what i have:


C6 Ls2 (from an automatic i believe)

2000 Camaro t56

SLP Billet Fly

Cartech clutch

Quickly disappearing patience


I've spent the past 4 hours trying to get the t56 to bolt to the ls2. It'll go in, and then wont go any further than a 1/2" gap between the engine and the bellhousing.


I thought it was the clutch alignment first. So, i removed the clutch, re-aligned it, and lubed the new pilot bearing (which is flush) while i was at it. Put it all back together...It went in a LITTLE bit further, and i thought i was on the right path. So i started tightening all the bolts evenly, and then the bottom drivers side bolt pulled a thread right out.


I'm back to square one. What do you guys suggest?

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Was the bellhousing hitting the pressure plate or flywheel?

Engine/trans were aligned well while you tried to mate the two?


But assuminig all of you new parts are the correct ones the input shaft seams to be

the area for the issue imo


Heres a few things to try

1. Take the pressure plate and disk out and try to mate the two back together.

2. If it goes all the way on then put the transmission into any gear then slide a

yoke into the back of the trans and try and turn the yoke.

3. Dose it turn, any binding?

4. If it wont turn then you have bind somwhere. Next thing to do is to take the

pilot bushing out and do steps 2 & 3 again without the pilot bushing installed, try

putting a small piece of clay in the crank to see how much clearance you actualy


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