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A cheap EBC that works!!! A full review of the HDi SBC-D-SE


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My friend and I could never get the closed loop boost control to work well, on a MS2-Extra box. He got it working in open loop mode while I went and got a Profec Type S, and never looked back. I will be getting one of these on my VG build.

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Hi Nigel,


How your HDi EBC running?

still running good?

I'm planning to get this stuff soon.. ;)


I've had mine for two years now, and it's never skipped a beat. I couldn't be happier with it. In fact, I recently did a new best time at the strip of 12.89 with it.



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I bought this awhile ago when first reading the post. I finally installed and now running 10psi its a solid controller hold well no creep or spikes. Thanks Nigel

Glad to hear it's working for you!


BTW, have we met?



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Based on old but positive posts on here, I recently bought a HDI electronic boost controller (type D) and am ready to install it.

Seems great but I'm not super impressed with the instructional clarity regarding running the pressure lines to/from the solenoid.

I'm running an external wastegate and it's clear and obvious that the pressure signal from my compressor outlet goes to port P on the solenoid.

Port A then goes to the wastegate and it seems to make sense that it should go to the chamber below the diaphragm and spring, solenoid sends pressure signal at set boost ceiling and the wastegate is opened, thereby doing its job.  The waters are cloudy for me when I go to the expanded schematic on page 9 of the online install manual (www.hdimenu.com) where it shows the solenoid output (port A) going to the upper chamber of the wastegate (spring side).

They then show a line connected from the WG lower chamber, below the spring/diaphragm that is being fed by manifold pressure. What that means to me is that when boosting there is essentially an equilibrium of pressures coming at the diaphragm from either side.  As I write this it is starting to make sense to me that once the solenoid is triggered by the preset within the controller, it opens and the pressure that is pushing against the top side of the diaphragm and holding the WG closed, then bleeds off via the open and unused solenoid port R, and the WG will then be free to open because of the manifold pressure being exerted against the single, low side of the WG diaphragm chamber.   If I've got this correct then some validation from those more experienced  here will allow me to carry on accordingly.   Thanks in advance

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