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I don't have much experience with any sort of AFR gauges/ meters and needed some direction.


I'm installing a haltech e11v2 on an Rb26 and they have a wideband controller for it. Has anyone used it? Is this the way to go or should I purchase a separate controller/ gauge? Is there a difference between companies such as aem, dynojet, etc.



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I have always had good luck with Innovate. They are tried and true and have lots of support and accessories.




I sell AEM, but I like the Innovate better. I wish I had an account with Innovate or one of their distributors.


I have customers with AEM, Greddy, and NGK, so I have seen and used these units, and I like the Innovate better.

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I bought and installed the Innovate MTX-L wideband. I have a series 1 r33 rb25det in my s30. The wideband was easy to install, calibrate and use. The logging software is adequate. I plan on going Haltech as well to control my rb when funds allow. My understanding is the Innovate wideband will communicate with Haltech.


Notes - way to deep into the instructions they tell you not to run around with the sensor in place, but not powered. It is hard on the sensor not to be heated properly when seated in the exhaust stream. And don't weld in a generic bung. The supplied Innovate bung is longer than ones I see online.


Hope that helps.



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