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The build of a 240Z by 310z

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I first saw a 240Z in 1970 when a neighbor purchased one. I was 6 yr. old. I thought WoW that is cool. All the neighbors were gathered around checking it out.

Fast forward to 19 yr. old and my mom had a friend that had a 240Z that had been garaged at home and work through the 1970. Then the car was only driven to church on Sundays when the weather was good. In 1987 I was contacted and asked if I wanted the car, it only had 73000 miles on it with an Auto trans and air conditioning. I drove the heck out of that car on the mountain roads for years. I had Koni struts, Tokico touring springs and Enkie 92 15x7 -0 off set. At one point I had a 240 block with tripple webers and a 5 speed. The car was orange with gold centered wheels. I do not have any digital pictures of the car in its original form or first modified form, but here is the rest of the story in pictures. Starting with the day I got it back from the bead blaster.




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BBS magneisum race wheels 16x8 -0 offset. According to BBS America these wheels were never imported into America. They are between 25 and 30 years old. The wheels did not have the proper bolt pattern for a Z. Prior to me purchasing them the wheels were drilled for a Z. They were Gold. I spent 13 Hr. bead blasting them. They were then sealed and painted with BBS silver, which is "Wurth", Silver Wheel Paint.




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My Mom who found the car and arranged the purchase.

Builder Steve Pettersen The Z GURU himself of Pettersen Motorworks and me Jim Daniels owner.

The first showing Saturday, The Solvang Roadster show 2009. Then on to The West Coast Z Nationals in Orange on Sunday.

Then some other Z car at Steves shop.




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