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flame throwers


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Recently, as I was browsing through the internet for my 302, I saw an ad for turning a persons exhuast into a flame thrower. Cool!, as i thought to myself, while everyone is getting a ticket for racing, I can just sit here at the local hang out and roast weenies! I thought it would be a nice touch on some side pipes. Has anybody done this before? Any draw backs besides the law?

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I'm not sure why you'd want to, but to each their own. A few of my silly friends from high school have them on their diesels and it basically consists of putting a bung for propane in the back and another following bung for a sparkplug between the propane nozzle and the outside world. Plumb/wire and you've got yourself a candidate for the Fast and the Furious 22, or whatever iteration they're on.

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