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Wireless/Network Gurus? Hacked?


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I have a small network of 3 PC's in my home. One of them is a wireless laptop, so I keep a wireless router in the network with WPA-PSK security on it. For the past couple of weeks my cable internet, coming in on a non-wireless router was flaky. Tonight, for some reason my phone, and laptop would not connect to my wireless router. "Wrong shared key". So I reset the wirelss router and redid my keys. Problem solved.


Here is the good part.


As I go to connect to a wireless network, I see my choices.

Mine (secure), Neighbor1 (secure), Neighbor2(open), RandomSSID (open).


I can now connect to Mine and RandomSSID. Neighbor2 and RandomSSID are both throwing 2 signal bars and dissapear and come back together. I am guessing they are one in the same physical routers.


OK so I connect to RandomSSID and surf to MyIP and then run a WhoIs on it. It's a Netherlands IP called CREW-RIPE.


Why is a router in the Netherlands, two signal bars away from my house? And why can I not connect to Neighbor2 but I can connect to RandomSSID which is probably the same router?


Has my Neighbor2's router been hacked? He is fairly famous, and is never home or I would approach him about it, he is not a techy guy so I doubt he has any knowledge of this.

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Hate to break in on the Stream of Consciousness discussion you're having with yourself, but I always find unguarded wireless networks interesting. We have our choice of two or three neighbor's networks if our own happens to be running slow. Hopefully, oours is adequately protected, but you never know.


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I own a dark fiber company, wireless SUCKS!


Anyhooo, you really should tell your neighbors that they are running naked.


Someone could down load bad stuff through his network and the spot light will be on him.


Make sure their is no chalk out on road or sidewalk;)

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