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How much should I sell my L28 for?


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This is probably the most appropriate section I can find on the forum to post this. I'm swapping it for an RB25DET. Just need help in deciding how much to sell my motor and transmission for. I have a 1974 260Z with a 280Z motor. Below are the details of the motor. I'm thinking I should probably sell the Mukuni Triple Carbs on their own.


- 280Z Non-Turbo Motor

- P30 Heads

- Performance Cam, Pistons and Rods

- MSD Spark Plug Wires and Distributor

- 44mm Mukuni Triple Carbs

- Monza Header with Downpipe

- Aluminum Flywheel and Performance Clutch


I'll be selling it locally via CraigsList or a local 510 forum. I've been told my parts are worth some decent change but that doesn't mean much to me. I paid $4850 Canadian for the whole car. Car is in good condition. Engine is also in good running condition. It was running a little rich which as been fixed. The carbs haven't been re-built but they have been "re-tuned" by Specialty Engineering http://www.specialtyengineering.ca/


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sorry, this is the only photo I have of the engine.



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Well, the motor is out of the engine bay now. Any interest on here if I part it out? Mukuni triple carbs, P30 Heads, 5 Speed transmission, etc etc. I guess I'll have to make a For Sale post soon enough. I think I'm going to have trouble selling it as a whole package ... so I just might have to part it out. I'm in no rush for the funds anyway.





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I think I'm going to get rid of this for $1400 :blink: Somebody will be looking at it today. (Unless somebody makes me a better offer locally). The engine has been posted and re-posted on Craigslist since I started this thread.

I'm in no rush for the funds but don't have a place to store it after my car is done which is pretty much any day now.


One of the reasons for the price drop is the low compression results which I was not aware of.




Quote from my Craigslist Post:


Even with the lower compression test results, the motor runs amazingly smooth. Even smoother if you were to fix the washed rings. The "Washed Rings" is what is causing the lower compression in some of the cylinders. Cylinder #2 has the lowest compression at 70 psi while the best Cylinder is #6 at 190psi which is really good. Cylinder #5 was 80psi but when gear oil was poured down the cylinder, the compression increased to 140psi which would indicate that the rings are washed on the motor. The cause of this washed rings is because the carbs are probably running a little rich and need to be adjusted. Having a motor that runs too rich can shorten the life of the rings as it appears to have done so in my motor. In order to fix it, you have to re-ring it and is not a big deal.

Even though I didn't notice the compression until the engine was out of the car, the car performed amazing well and I would never have guessed it.

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the valve cover is worth like $200, engine $350, carbs $1000, trans $100..


So you should at least try to get like $1600, AT LEAST.


Even if some of the pistons had low compression?

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Well, I sold the thing for $1200 as a whole package. Would have liked a bit more but the same day I sold him my stuff, he also bought another L28, triple webbers, and 4 speed for $500 as a package. Oh well, parting it out would have been too much of a hassle for me.

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