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  1. I have a great pair for sale shoot me an email of what you think is fair for them and all the hardware to datsundriver88@hotmail.com -Jeff
  2. I have a nos dash in black, email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com if you are still looking for one. Thanks -Jeff
  3. I've got a nice big Garrett turbo that is around those sizes, was rebuilt before being run on a mustang motor for a few months (still in perfect shape) and ceramic coated cold side as well....you can email me at dataundriver88@hotmail.com and I can get you pics and more info. Thanks -Jeff
  4. I've got one for 200+shipping from 75056, just email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks -Jeff
  5. I've got one, don't remember where I got it from but I have it =)
  6. I have a nice front from an earlier 240z and possibly a rear from a 72 as well. Shoot me an email to datsundriver88@hotmail.com and I can get you some pics. Thanks -Jeff
  7. I have a few cowled fiberglass ones if interested? Just email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com
  8. Shoot me an email with a picture as I have a parts car I am cutting up... Datsundriver88@hotmail.com ...Thanks -Jeff
  9. Pretty sure I have one, shoot me an email to datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks. -Jeff
  10. I have all the linkage from a 71 that I can sell for $20 shipped. Email datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks. -Jeff
  11. I have a twin turbo stainless manifold...email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com for more info/pics. Thanks -Jeff
  12. There are a ton of differences on the interiors....The door panels alone there are like 5/6 differences. If its a 78 you are better off finding a car of that same year but parts do vary alot on the inside.
  13. I have a few Bob Sharp Racing pieces.....if the price is right then i would part with them. Email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com -Jeff
  14. I have some like new/NOS door panels in almost perfect shape for that car if you are interested. Email me at Datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks -Jeff
  15. The dapper hids are ridiculously amazing, i honestly wouldnt own another z/zx (or car with 7" rounds) without them, they not only look great, they work amazingly, never had any issues with mine that i got almost 2 years ago and been daily driving the car since.
  16. I've got a good cap and locking door off a 71 if youre interested. datsundriver88@hotmail.com
  17. Thats all well and good but if they disconnect a battery, find the gps piece, tow it on a flatbed....that makes that gps useless, right? If the car is in a garage they cant really get to it....and if it is "gotten to" the insurance is the fallback...best measures you can take if you really think about it. Cars can be replaced, but doing two small things can make that A) not happen, or easy to deal with if it does.
  18. Hey did you get my email?

  19. I sell good used 5 speeds all day for $150 (actually have 2 right now), I would offer him that and he should take it, they arent made of gold and for that price id rather search more or just rebuild one.
  20. 360 is a small block the 460 is the big block version, i have a 1968 Ford F100 with the small block 360, they also came with the 460's but mostly in the 4x4 versions.
  21. The best thing to do is get a garage...if you cant afford one, then you better have a "stated insurance policy" that has theft coverage and then the insurance kicks in. Those are really the only things that will stop you car from being stolen/help you get another one when they do steal the car cause you kept it outside and thought pulling a rotor, kill switch, etc would help (since theyre useless against a tow truck).
  22. Why not just buy a good 5speed for $150...seems like alot easier route to me?
  23. Looks like its coming along quickly, but why not just go with a front mount setup since youre going through all that work already? It really isnt that much for a decent setup and would help you up the boost alot not to mention just run better.
  24. I have a nice shell if you want to trailer it back...?
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