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got some 1/8 mile track times 280zx

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car is running 7psi an on street tires first run was 10.01 aT 72 mph next was 9.93 at 73 last was 9.77 at 73. i want to run 10 pounds next about were would i set the timing. im at 18 deg. locked right now


if you are running stock 79 non-turbo compression ratio (8.3:1) then you can run more than 18 degrees of timing with stock boost. try 26 locked. use the vacuum advance as normal.


for 10 psi, I would use around 22 degrees.


but 18 degree is too low. 8 more degrees will make it run quite a bit faster.


I would use 18 degrees on a 8.8:1cr engine with stock boost (81 to 83 non-turbo setup).


you should also consider installing a MSA stage 1 turbo cam. It would work better with the higher compression and make the engine less likely to detonate.

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Got a new time on the car 10.47 at 73mph at 5psi of boost. What should I run the timing at to run 15psi of boost.I have a n42 block with dished pistons an a p90 head now.I know my compression is lower now so just wanted to ask.

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Locked timing isn't that great, you need to run less at peak torque and more as you move up the rev range. I'd say right around 20 to start with.


Just to give you an idea of what a proper timing curve can do for you, I have a mostly stock L28ET, 'A' cam, IC, full exhaust, bigger injectors, stock turbo, run by MS2e. With 17psi falling to 10psi by redline, I've run 8.4 in the 1/8 with a best trap of about 87mph, best 1/4 run of 13.0 and best trap of 108mph. That's ~100+hp more than what you've got going on.


What is the fuel system like? ecu, injectors, ect?

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