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SDS EM-4F with Data Logging

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i had SDS on a previous engine. If i still had it and that option became available i would have upgraded in a second. Data logging when tuning is a must in my book!!! you would have to have a wide band in put to make it work right.



I have the datalogging chip. It's pretty limited. It only records the AFR (providing you have an AFR meter - preferably wideband) on the RPM map. But it can be handy for doing some quick tuning without a laptop. Keep in mind that because it only records on the RPM map, if you have a turbocharged engine, you won't know if the RPM or Manifold pressure map needs to be changed while building boost. Once you're at a steady boost level, you will know if it's the RPM map that needs adjusting.


For more detailed datalogging, I got a Techedge Wideband 02 meter which can log up to six channels. I just tapped into the SDS signals I wanted to monitor (RPM, manifold pressure, throttle position, and air temp so far). This made all the difference in the wold.





'73 240ZT

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Nigel, the URL brings up an Australian site. Do you have to order from them or can this be purchased in North America / Canada? Thanks for the information.


I'm not aware of any North American distributors. They do ship internationally though. I bought one of their DIY kits (I'm an electronics tech) about 5 years ago and it's been working fine. A lot of other wideband products have come on the market since then. There may be better options now, but I'm happy with the Tech Edge product.



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