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Jc's Z32TT Conversion and possible Texas Mile Build


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Well, I took a trip to Dallas a few weeks ago to pick up a '93 300zx. It is a car that the previous owner has converted over to a TT. Houston Z has done all the work up till this point. The motor that was used for the swap was from a parts car. Well it has developed a decent amount of rod knock. So now I am in the process of rebuilding the short block.


The previous owner basicaly did a minor rebuild of the car. It was in pretty poor shape when he got it.


Engine wise the car is basically stock. Has 555cc injectors, jspec down pipes, nistune and a muffler shop special cat back. Other than that it is all stock.


Here is the previous build thread, very detailed and lots of pics!








Here is the car on the trailer in Dallas.




The car is still sitting on the stock NA wheels. I have picked up two full sets of twin turbo wheels.




I purchased a high miles short block that cam from a running car for $40. This is it stripped down and ready to go to the machine shop for a refresh. I picked up the motor this last Friday and I hope that if I can get some time this weekend I should have it runnig again by Saturday or Sunday!





I will be adding more pics and info as the project progresses! :friday:


Yes I do plan on taking this car to the Texas Mile coming up in march. The car has a ways to go till it is ready though. I am not looking for amazing numbers just want to get a base line for what is to come.

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Here are a few pics I grabbed today with my phone.




The paint is not near as good as it was when it came out of the paint shop. PO hit a shredded tire on the freeway doing this





The fresh short block waiting.....




The future home of said short block


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More Pics.


Short block unwrapped and waiting to be put on the engine stand.





Here we have the Long block on the stand. At this point we have assembled the oil tree, oil pump, pan and pick up tube as well as the thermostat housing.





Heads on there and torqued to spec. Remember, I left the turbos/manifolds atached to the head when they were pulled. Kind of difficult but worth it. The hardest part is the dipstick goes between tha manifold and the head so you have to knock the distick tube out while you are pulling the head. Kind of tricky.



Intake manifold and fuel rail attached. Had to find another 555cc injector, luck us we had one laying around the shop. I will definatly need to put a set of injectors on the list of needed parts for sure. The early style injectors have a VERY high failure rate, especialy once they have been sitting for a little while.



Here we have installed the upper intake manifold, coolant pipes, a fw accessories and their brackets, water pump, motor mounts, motor has been timed and all timming covers installed. Starting to look like a motor now!



Engine on the hoist ready for its new home. Looks like I got some spec miata in the pic :coolugh:



In its new home and starting to look like there is some progress for sure. Still lots of work ahead of us. We connected a few thing that are hard to get to on the firewall side such as heater hoses and a couple harness connections. Then it is on to the tranny.





Ok, flywheel/clutch installed, tranny stabbed as well as the one peice DS. Then the exhaust.



Car is lowered to start on all the fun stuff up front. You can see the day light starting to peak through the bay doors. At this point we have been at this for a straight 14ish hours. Its now roughly 8:30 in the morning and time for some IHOP and recharge.


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