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  1. mine does the same thing it warms up nicely but once I go for a drive above 60 mph the temp drops then when I slow down its back up to normal temps.
  2. agreed money is tight nowadays, it would have to be a steal rather than a deal. Good luck with the sale! IF you sell. on a side note I saw you're located in Syracuse next time I'm up in that Area I'd love to see your Z
  3. Very solid looking, good job! I need something to replace all the ugly-ness behind the old datsun horn button that i removed.
  4. white would be the easiest, because hit hides alot.
  5. tickets to Australia are less that 1500 USD, I just needed a reason to go...... I think I found one
  6. I think you need to go hotter on the last picture where your starting to get the flow of it you don't want it to hump over so much you want good penetration and have your weld lay flatter if that makes any sense, or alternatively you can slow down a bit which in turn will put more heat in a general area, and also turn down the wire feed. that just depends on which speed is more comfortable for you. hopefully some of this makes sense
  7. If its Uni-body I wouldn't even touch it.
  8. Can you imagine the bill on that at a shop or dealer when it breaks! yeah I said when, not if
  9. A carbon fiber dash would be pretty sweet!
  10. very cool blue! good job did you paint it yourself or professionally done?
  11. 90 degree angle grinder and that 3M brillow type sanding pads is what I used for my hood just make sure you have a huge air tank because you'll need it
  12. I would just love to see this thing in person Good luck with sale!
  13. pinion bearing on your rear diff would be my guess on my brother's Z has a pretty good vibration that happens on both acceleration and deceleration Anyone know if there is a crush sleeve on the pinion?
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