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  1. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Maddpopeye Looks like you are starting with a nice car. Get motivated and get it done. Don't hesitate to ask if you come across any questions. Putting it all together was so much fun. Most of the time I forgot to take pics of my progress. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Thanks. I don't have any videos. It's put away for the winter but I'll take some in the spring.
  3. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Thanks man. Means a lot to me.
  4. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Update at last. Finally got it back from the body shop. Need to start putting the interior back in. I need to get the correct size wheel spacers. But for now I'm enjoying finally having a chance to drive her around a bit.
  5. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Thanks bud. I'm itching to get her back from the body shop. It's almost spring here in Chicago.
  6. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Thank you cuztm240z. It always feels good to get some positive encouragement and feedback. Can't wait to drive it again.
  7. Ez-wiring harness?

    Cablesrv I'm sorry but my car is at the body shop for another few months. I will be happy to help but it wouldn't be till march or April.
  8. 1971 240z restoration/build

    The strap that prevents holds the diff in place could have broke. That would cause some of the symptoms.
  9. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Sorry I don't know and the car is at the body shop. Won't have it back for at least a month.
  10. Fatlace AME wheels (Gauging interest)

    I would but I already have mine. Just waiting to get the flares mounted.
  11. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    I don't have any pics of the mounts. It was just a matter of stacking extra washers under the mount to raise it up a bit. The sti rear diff required no modification. That's the reason I went with it. Thanks for the kind words.
  12. I have for sale a used blitz sbc I color boost controller package. It has the add on a/f kit and I also have a extra temp sensor for It. (Not shown in pics). The unit has some scratches on the face and sides of the controller. Scratches on face not noticeable when illuminated. I am in the nw suburbs of Chicago and the price is $850 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  13. RB25det Horrific Exhaust fumes

    I think vandergriff is saying he wants to forget the exhaust fumes while driving issue and concentrate on the bad smelling exhaust. I'll start with a few questions. How do you have your crank case vented? I know u said you had a Freddy intake. If you have no way to tune your a/f is off. You should at least get an afc or something along those lines.
  14. RB25det Horrific Exhaust fumes

    From what I've read that may be common. Most guys say that windows up is fine and when u put the windows down it creates a vacuum that pulls all the fumes thru any of the seams or leaks. I originally thought the same thing about the tuning issue but even with my fully tuned ecu and optimal a/f ratio at idle and throttle I still get the smell. I'm going to use a method of making a cardboard template for the window that will seal a shop vac in it. Then put a smoke or fog machine near the exhaust turn on the shop vac and check where you see the smoke coming in the car. Seal that area and move on to the next. But I'm excited to see if these guys have any more theories of what may be causing the smell.
  15. RB25det Horrific Exhaust fumes

    This is very strange. I have the exact same setup. Rb25, Freddy, greddy bov, McKinney exhaust. I also never drove my car in its stock form and I also have the exact same smell. I always assumed it was because of poor seals in the car. But it's crazy that you have the same thing. Oh and I'm tuned with a haltech platinum pro plug in.