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  1. Good luck Ron. I won't spill the beans but I hope to see the car next season with the changes you mentioned.
  2. Local guy. He's familiar with hybridz.
  3. For all you "go fast people" I thought I"d add more food for thought. The car is easily a 9 second runner with a torque converter change(existing 2000 stall). Another scrap of information is the capability for a turbo set up in front (check out the space between the engine & the radiator). The traction ability of this Z is extreme! With the engine set back an additional 3" + the weight distribution is approximately 1500 front/ 1700 rear with me in it. Certainly ideal for a street racer with a small MT radial tire when you happen upon a stop light enthusiast. 1 other thing that I did not mention is the car is mini tubbed so their is room for more tire. Happy racing, thanks for reading.
  4. Intercooler on N/A LS

    Get that plate Nitrous system. I also think the effort would be useless. My ice reservoir yields 2 mph on the magnuson 112 blower setup.
  5. start up video. http://youtu.be/kwxyf-Fe03o
  6. I understand. It would be great to see a club member get everything but really I'm hoping someone local will just come and take it all and make things hassle free. Shipping a car in particular raises questions on both ends.
  7. If video doesn't work search "dannytoy" in YOUTUBE.
  8. Video of nitrous system on YOUTUBE. http://youtu.be/vtyR4QHU-Tc
  9. Its not a plate system. Its a dry system that uses the engines injectors to supply the extra fuel. - You may need larger injectors or a boost a pump to supply fuel needs depending on the amount of nitrous used.
  10. Also the trade for an economy car at this point is off the table. I got that covered.
  11. For the time being I'm also willing to throw in HPtuning devise with the lap top along with the nitris system that I previously mentioned. This may get sold separately at some point.
  12. Thanks Dom. My youngest started college. Priorities Priorities..
  13. If the walk around video doesn't play go to YOUTUBE, search "dannytoy". scan down until you see a shadow avatar of a male figure. It should say 5 videos.