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  1. Shortened CV Driveshats in MMS flange package?

    I have them in stock. Joe
  2. I have them in stock. Give me a call. Joe
  3. Z31 conversion kit

    I am picking up a good set of used Z31 CVs this weekend. So I can sell a almost complete kit. 2 39 spline stub axles 2 39 spline Z31 companion flange adapters 2 half shafts 2 used Z31 CV axles. Contact me for pricing Thanks Joe
  4. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    So sorry if I offended anyone with my input. Good Luck Happy Holidays Joe
  5. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    We are good. Happy Holidays Joe
  6. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    Thanks Happy Holidays Joe
  7. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    NewZed, there is one source making the parts. The other places are in the same boat they need to order 10 parts at a time. In fact they both have bought from me. I spoke to one of the guys in Canada 4 months ago nice guy forgot his name and have an email from Ryan in Oct looking for parts. If it can be done cheaper that's great Ill join in. The old days of ordering parts is gone. The manufacture would make and keep the parts in stock. I could order 2 parts at a time. Heck they even dropped shipped for me. Now I have to order 10 parts per item number and wait till the last one sells to make a profit. These are parts for vintage Datsuns as you know. They don't sell like Hot Cakes LOL So to have full stock your talking about 120 parts. 50K ++ not a good investment. ANY INVESTOR OUT THERE LOL I'm here to help if I can. Happy Holidays Joe
  8. 27 spline CV hub adaptors

    I would be happy to have a run made. It would take a deposit of 50% and at least 4 orders. I could sell them at a 10% discount. It will take 9-10 weeks to make. Happy Holidays Joe
  9. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    Out of stock doesn't mean i cant get them. It takes 9 week for the manufacture to make a run of ten for me. Happy holidays Joe
  10. Companion flange 27 spline idea

    Hi Guys, having a manufacture change his programing to make a small run of parts most likely won't happen. And if it did it would surely cost more than the original part due to low volume. I am sure my manufacture would knock 30+% off if we could get a 100+ parts ordered. However that won't happen unless someone has an extra 20K in there back pocket so we are stuck with high cost due to very low volume. Back in September I posted in the group buy section offering a 10% discount on my products. The offer is still good now. Why reinvent the wheel with unproven parts to save a few dollars. A lot of work went into these parts 15 years ago and have a good track record. If I can help let me know. Thanks Joe
  11. Short Z31T CV shafts group buy

    Jon I have them in stock. Thanks Joe
  12. Modern-Motorsports Products

    CYBER MONDAY SALE Two 39 spline stub axles and Two 39 spline Z31 companion flange adapters and 2 half shafts only one set at this price. Regular price $1870.00 Today's price $ 1496.00 Rear caliper brackets 3 sets at this price Regular price $165.00 Today's price $ 132.00 Rotor spacers 4 sets at this price Regular price $115.00 Today's price $ 92.00 P{lease see my web site for complete details. Thanks Joe
  13. Modern-Motorsports Products

    See posting in the group buy section for discounts on my products. Happy Holidays Joe
  14. Modern-Motorsports Products

    I'm offering a group buy on some of my drivetrain products. I'm offering a 10 % discount it does require a 50% deposit. Please call or email for details.
  15. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    zivbiton looks like the ebay seller and silverminemotors sells the same. Looks like the same person. Joe