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  1. Ophier claimed supplier sent long shaft, now waiting for short shaft replacement. I thought after mkt only fabbed short shaft, otherwise use stock
  2. Finally got thru to Ophier(??) who assured me he will research and call me back. More later
  3. GTECH, Thanks for details your experience. Wow, 6 months, Summer will be over Wonder if Checkered Flag is their fabricator?
  4. Any one know source? Whitehead Performance has had my 300ZX Turbo driveshaft for 6 months. Repeated attempts to get status have failed. Take care, beware.
  5. Excellent build very similar to mine. Need your Z31 axle shafts. Please advise availability. Thanks
  6. Just found another fabricator who quoted $2500 off the bat in single lots using sked 10 304SS including water cut head flange. Any chance of sourcing head flange here? Wud save $200.
  7. Changed using Stone gasket with no coatings applied. Did not fire yet, but after a few weeks noticed beads of coolant and block moist. Appears to be leaking at block side interface on both sides of block, but primarily on plug side near middle. Suspected condensate, but weepage stopped after coolant drained. Both head and block are straight. Using ARP studs. Gasket lifted off block and stuck to head. Have tried FelPro and stock graphite gaskets and they both weeped. The FelPro actually dripped coolant. Never had problems with previous design asbestos gasket. It had a pressu
  8. Solution to last my last post found. Austin Hoke may be able to fab CNC flange with integral transition.
  9. Fabricator challenged at adapting round tube to square port. Is there a header flange available here? I thought I recall someone had fabricated one for use in building a tube header.
  10. Getting another estimate for custom fab tube header using 304SS sch 40 fittings for divided turbine and external wastegate to accommodate TO4 or GT35 tangential turbine. Please advise interest.
  11. Where did you get that Cometic MLS? thought they couldn't make due to lack of volume sales. What is bore? How much $? Heard Kaminari makes one but 89mm bore.
  12. I hope this thread continues. I have an L28 N42 custom turbo that just got reincarnated from a bad cam regrind. Nice to get the other one grafted back on. Nevertheless, still tired of the limitations and really want more power, but don't want to invest any more in the old dog. The motor has limitations that can't be easily resolved. The availability of aftermarket parts is non-existent IMHO. Try to source a tube header or intake plenum. Last quote was $3500. Just put the Z32 train and 300ZX TT CV joints in my '77. Got tired of blowing trani's I am preaching to the choir, I know.
  13. Just replaced Schneider regrind with Delta cam one and wow, what a difference. More mid range torque, smoother idle, more idle vacuum 14 "Hg, grabs revs better, just more enjoyable to drive. Was out all afternoon taking the long way home. Was running lean in mid range 16:1 which shows pumping 10 % more air. Spent a lot of time and effort fighting this problem. Wish I had some recourse. It's a jungle out there and things are not quite what they used to be, so take care, beware. Will get dyno sheet soon, but AFR and inj duty confirm increased power.
  14. Thanks for chiming in. Appreciate your suggestions. Misery loves company. Tried Schneider 270 but too much cam for me, low vac and soft below 3K RPM. 260 similar to RB SS56/54, but didn't try that one. You should be OK for non turbo. Keep me posted.
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