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  1. Tips for removing 3M adhesive?

    I have used Bestine solvent & thinner with a lot of clean rags with good results it is getting harder to find, this is what 3M recommended as a replacement for there own branded product. If i remember it basically heptane. http://www.dickblick.com/products/bestine-solvent-and-thinners/
  2. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    I have been using Rotorclip very good product, and they sample, they will send usps to your address. Hope this helps. https://www.rotorclip.com/rings.php https://www.rotorclip.com/samples.php
  3. In 2011 I called Exedy and asked them how much t/o bearing travel is needed to disengage a clutch. Their response was It should start to disengage at approximately 6 mm of t/o bearing travel, at 8mm most clutches will be completely disengaged, these are generic numbers the lever ratio of the pressure plate spring will have an effect on these numbers. My old t/o bearing fork has a ratio of ~1.9 to1, so 8x1.9=15.2mm needed at the slave cylinder. I measured my slave cylinder travel tonight at 13mm. I have the non-adjustable slave cylinder set up, the t/o bearing is always touching the fingers of the pressure plate so all 13mm are used to depress the pressure plate. I am shifting around 6400 and the clutch is disengaging. I have a 240mm Jim Wolf technology clutch and a Fidanza flywheel. Hope this helps.
  4. I have the same gasket with the same oil hole alignment issue. I also elongated the head gasket with no problem.
  5. 16x7 konig rewind

    What is the color? and what is the offset?