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  1. my friend gave me some s13 calipers some I'll be swapping the rear brakes on 260z. I've asked this question through email to zcardepot and haven't received a response. With the zcardepot s13 caliper adapter would I run s13 rotors or the 84-85 n/a z31 rotors?
  2. I had a bearing burn up during a drive on Sunday and it has led to the world's biggest headache. I had to cut the nut off, it sheared off the pin on the washer and jammed it up. So I had to cut that off too which leads to my question. I need to try and repair the threads on the spindle with a die so does anybody know the thread size and diameter?
  3. He asked me which it was and I told him i assumed it was steel. So he puddled a little area and filed on it and thought it might be iron.
  4. Are the spindles and hub housings iron or steel. The guy I have doing the welding for me says they're iron and is kind of worried about welding the tubes to the housings due to possibility of cracking under stress.
  5. I'm running -6an Vibrant Performance fuel hose on a Aeromotive Phantom Stealth 340 drop in. The phantom has a basket that acts as a baffle to keep it submerged.
  6. he usually takes a few days to getback with you. I ordered my throttle cable setup a few weeks ago from him. It took about a week and a half to come in.
  7. Any way to buy just the sticker?
  8. Damn, I don't get on here for a few weeks and missed this.
  9. That's the picture I needed! Thanks brother!
  10. Does the trans mount just bolt straight through the floorboard?
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