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  1. Plug and Play Dapper Lighting LED Tails (NEW VIDEO)

    Put me down for a Z1.
  2. R200 LSD...am I stupid

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that what you have is the Vlsd. I have a brand new in the box VLSD assembly , this is how I know. If you have the right shafts, everything will be fine with the MM adaptors. Just follow the directions about flipping the pieces on the discussion here on hybridZ or on Ross's MM sight. P.S.-----Check all your bearings in the diff while you have everything apart.
  3. Have you bought something from aziza z?

    Bought a brand new in box 240z dash. It arrived promptly and well packaged. It was flawless.
  4. Beware of George G. Robbins (aka: reddat)!!!

    zcarnut............. I think I bought your old console. There wasn't much I could do because it was a "new console", and it was the "early 240 type". It just wasn't an actual part produced by Nissan, rather produced in somebody's backyard. Try proving that to ebay/paypal.
  5. Beware of George G. Robbins (aka: reddat)!!!

    I won an auction from him for a "brand new old stock early type 240z center console". I was happy paying the little extra because I thought it was worth it for my project since I have sourced out everything else new for the interior(not an easy task). When I got it, it was new all right, but it was not an original. It was a cheap repop made out of fiberglass, almost 1/2 inch thick in some places and 3/8 thick for the rest. It was not the nice pretty original one in the picture on the add, I even had to cut out the ash tray hole and the choke/hazard switch plate hole. But technically it was new, and it did fit the original early type parts, so you know how that goes. I can supply pictures if anyone cares to see them.
  6. 280zxTT CV halfshafts install question

    STOP!!!!!! You guys don't have to smash anything. Find a set of 84-89 300zx non-turbo shafts and use the shorter caps and springs from them. There are TONS of these in the yards since no-one wants the regular diffs. They are the same 6 bolt (3 sets of 2) pattern as the 280zx caps except the protruding center is shorter and fits perfectly. There is a picture on here somewhere of the two side by side.
  7. seller warning

    Well I thought of it as more of a little joke I guess considering what everyone is going through right now with clothes-flares-and rear suspension parts. But I'm not going to name names. It's just a breath of fresh air to have everything go like it's supposed to for a change, ya know?
  8. seller warning

    I purchased a set of rods from member "mrcheese36" in california. The transaction went as follows: -he gave me a price with shipping included -I paypal'd him -I received the rods four days later This is how business should be conducted on this site. No B.S., he had a part/product he wanted to sell, I had the money, now I have the part in under a week. I just wnated to let everyone know that I think mrcheese36 is a stand up guy. Thank you for your time.
  9. 280ZX Turbo CV Boot Replacement (56k Beware!)

    What now??? http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z79/niceguy678us/cvshaft003.jpg http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z79/niceguy678us/cvshaft002.jpg http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z79/niceguy678us/cvshaft001.jpg There are three little places where the shaft material has been mashed down to hold the bearing piece on the shaft. This is how it is fixed on both ends of the CV shaft assembly. There is no nice little circle clip to undo these with. I was thinking about gently grinding the mashed portions, but then you won't be able to lock the pieces back in place upon re-assembly. Any thoughts?
  10. Hurricanes are coming at me again.

    I'm staying too Joel. Give me a call if you need help.
  11. Z Emblem

    I do not have a picture of the emblem but have seen them in person. It's the basoc circle with a scarab beetle in the middle of it sitting on a kind of mesh background. I'll do some searching for ya.
  12. Z Emblem

    If you have the means to make these side emblems,..... how about making a run of the old scarab side emblems?
  13. RB30 Blocks - What are you guys paying?

    I was wanting to wake this one back up. The snow is melting/ed so what's the new plan here?