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  1. WTB: Roll Bar

    I have a 77 280z being built for weekend track use. If you have a bolt in rollbar that will fit this application, please PM me. Thanks
  2. Like the title says. I'm located in Southern California, but willing to pay for shipping. Thanks PM me.
  3. fuel pump and filter, antenna, 240z taillights

    Tail lights sold. Still have Metal covers for the tail lights, 30 shipp I'll take the tail light surrounds.
  4. Fuel Injection Upgrade from Carbs

    AGREED 100% I don't post much. I try to come here and learn. We've all made mistakes and we all grow from it and should share it. Bottom line...if I start to read a thread and then see "Tony D" posting on it, I tend to stop and move on. I don't care how much he knows or what road he's been down (and driven that). The minutes in my life are worth more than wasting time reading his diatribes.
  5. Fuel pump eccentric

    I need the little ring that bolts on at the front of the cam, that is eccentric and actuates the mechanical fuel pump. It's often called an eccentric or fuel pump cam. Thanks
  6. I bought these injectors from Autozone about a year ago. Never installed them and I lost my receipt. Would rather sell to forum members than try and get a refund from Autozone. These are brand new. Unfortunately I only bought 3 and not a whole set. $25 each or $60 for all 3. Autozone part number: GP Sorensen #800-1507N These were to go into my 77 280z. I believe they fit other F.I. Z cars, but please do your research before buying. PM me here and i'll try to respond ASAP. I accept paypal and will ship them free. Thanks
  7. wtb rear louvers 78

    I have a 77. It's still on the car. I can take it off and sell it to your but don't know what shipping will be. I live in southern California. I will split shipping cost with you. I would like to get $40 for the louvers though
  8. Need 78 AC hard lines

    I have what you need. Will give you all the hardline in engine bay that I removed just last weekend. $100 shipped to your door
  9. KTM is....THE Real McCoy. Great stuff and great guy. Thanks once again.
  10. Just PM'd you with my cell phone number. call me and i'll pick them up. Thanks
  11. WTB: Running L28

    I am in Southern California and will pick it up. Thanks please PM
  12. SoCal: Valve covers and Z31 ECUswap

    Ditto, PM SENT
  13. N42 Head fully rebuilt w/ light port polishing.

    To everybody else on the forum that had to read this, I apologize. I try to ignore most negativity and ignorance in this forum, but when I get called out in a way that makes me seem greedy or a rip off...it gets under my skin.
  14. N42 Head fully rebuilt w/ light port polishing.

    Wow Superjump01, thanks for the post. You must be Supersmart and have Superbrains. Superstupidme must have done the math wrong and was trying to rip people off. Hmmm, lets see. Datsun parts is selling his for: $429.99 Then you add his shipping: $49.99 At which point would cost you $ 479.98...and you would be Super-right-on about my $550 being high. But wait...did Supersomebody fail to read that my listing was for a new N42 head WITH PORT AND POLISHING. Which DatsunParts.LLC charges $200 for. So the Super grand total would be $679.98 to your door. So Superstupidme was trying to sell a brand new head shipped for $550. A gross mistake on my part and definitely way too high. Oh and to be Supersure I have my facts straight...let me enlighten you on something. I know all these prices because I ACTUALLY BOUGHT MY HEAD FROM DATSUN PARTS LLC AND PAID FOR THE HEAD WORK. I was selling the N42 because I decided to go with a shaved P90 for high compression instead of the N42. BTW (this is definitely a plug) Al at Datsun Parts LLC is a stand up dude and built me a great engine. He gladly exchanged the port/polished N42 he built me when I decided to go a different route. I am in the process of taking photos and documenting my first 3000k miles on my F54 flattop/shaved, ported, polished P90 10:1 compression motor. I tell you the engine is smooth as new and pulls hard. I will post an honest review thread once I get all the content organized and have enough mileage in the engine to do so. Ok, back to being Super. Please do me a Superfavor and read posts thoroughly before calling someone out. Because mistakes happen and people start looking like Superidiots. Thanks
  15. I've been a secret fan of your cars. Your silver s30zt is gorgeous and the engine bay is very tidy, but not over the top. Great job. I noticed that you recently built a carb car and i also have seen your video. I am heavily leaning towards the 40s as well. Do you care to share some insights as what "not" to do? Thanks