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  1. Not much lately. New street tires.
  2. Posting

    I cannot reply to any post. What gives.
  3. 83 Datsun Maxima front hub

    I need passenger front bearing hub assembly! Shipped 31406
  4. 83 Datsun Maxima front hub

    Sorry, need 4 lug.
  5. Here is one race at event 5. Did well. Lots of cars over 70 racing today. Next is exhaust and suspension upgrades. Sway bars Camber plates Frame rail Seats Roll cage https://youtu.be/0pmwZG9sp8k
  6. SCCA Buccaneer Roebling Road event 5

    Yeah, rebuilt block. New bearings, rings. Few other items Got 300hp on the new t3t4, fuel system. Ran 4 of the 5 races here this year.
  7. Z31 booster and MC on 240Z

    Comparison, s30 left and z32 right.
  8. Z31 booster and MC on 240Z

    We did the Z32 mastercylinder and booster, as well as the z32 front and year brakes.. We drove it for about 2500 miles and a couple events. The booster from the z32 over powered the breaks and made them very touchy. Hard to modulate. Had to go back to the stock booster and m/c. Seems the S30 is a lot lighter and does not need the over boost. The z31 may be ok. You can only try and see. The z32 booster is bigger. Do you have a comparison in booster size.
  9. Hello From The Great Pacific Northwet

    Great stuff! Welcome!
  10. Plenty of used ones available. I bought one off of this site from a member for like $60. Came with the booster. Just buy a used one. Or buy a good condition booster and re manufactured master from parts store.
  11. WTB: L28 turbo manifold

    I have an l28 turbo exhaust manifold if you want. Live in Savannah ga! PM me
  12. https://youtu.be/w-XMfFiPWWQ
  13. Hutchinson Island race 2

    We have a tire rub issue turning left. Grrrr. Also the breather we designed is not working. We are getting fuel leaking out.
  14. Hutchinson Island race 2

    In car video. https://youtu.be/g7dL3Xrt2no
  15. https://youtu.be/30nyGWq4mJQ Here is one of the runs. Got 3rd! Not bad on 6 year old dry rotted tires.
  16. 280zxt turbo distributor

    Need a turbo distributor. Shipped to 31406
  17. 280zxt turbo distributor

    yes that will work. How much to 31406?
  18. Fuel system vent

    We finished our updated fuel system and new t3/t4 hybrid turbo install. Wow what a difference. It woke up the beast. Ran SCCA Sunday at Hutchinson Island. 6 runs ended up 3rd behind 2 modified FRS Scions. Beat out other modified mustangs, brz,frs,Subaru. New fuel cell, New a1000 aeromotive fuel pump, -8 fuel lines front to pack, new pallnet fuel rail with -8 fittings. The problem: We ran the 2 vent lines "Y'd" into one line -10. Coiled it 3 turns beside the fuel cell, then back up the fill neck to a filter that is sticking out the old gas cap hole. The fuel cell is flush with floor in hatch. We are getting fuel out the vent/ gas cap then down the quarter panel during each run. What can we do to fix this?
  19. Fuel system vent

    I agree about the loops. Definitely did not work. Here is picture from top.
  20. 280zxt turbo distributor

    Are u saying it's froze up?
  21. Distributor wire cut

    So this happened. See pic. We reconnected the wires and now we have no crank signal or advance. All fuses are good. Did we burn up the module in the distributor? Or something else. The ecu communicates with laptop. This is megasquirt, coil pack turbo.
  22. Distributor wire cut

    Good option for replace and better electronics. Son picked up an 83 Datsun maxima. Will try the testing on that car.
  23. Fuel system vent

    So the 2 turns with 3 coils has fuel in it. It may be that with the coils are almost 1/2 the distance of the depth of tank. I will try to make the coils smaller and higher. Maybe as it comes off the Y elevate there.
  24. Fuel system vent

    Yes hard running gets the fuel there. https://www.instagram.com/p/BP6cGQBgodg/