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  1. For reference/comparison, these are the wiring plug connections for the 1969 and 1970 (and on) rear lamps: ...so the Futofab plugs are nothing like the original "JDM" plugs anyway.
  2. Direct Drive

    Although Nissan themselves used Option 1, 2 & 3 'Direct Drive' 1:1 5th gear transmissions in both circuit race cars and rally cars in period, and Overdrive 5-speeds in both circuit race cars and rally cars in period. It depended on the nature of the event in question.
  3. Show your steering wheel .

    I pressed the 'Like This' button, but apparently I've managed to reach my quota of Likes for the day without doing anything... (?). Nice!
  4. Anyone have a Hitachi 8 track from a jdm fairlady s30?

    Mine is a Hitachi CTS-2000Z (without that letter D suffix that's on yours?) which was fitted as factory stock equipment on one of my Fairlady 240ZGs in early 1972: I think it's safe to say that electronics are not my specialist subject...!
  5. Anyone have a Hitachi 8 track from a jdm fairlady s30?

    Well you made me go a little further than I would normally go on a first date, but here's what I saw inside: Hope that helps.
  6. Anyone have a Hitachi 8 track from a jdm fairlady s30?

    Top marks for taking the trouble to tell us that though.
  7. Anyone have a Hitachi 8 track from a jdm fairlady s30?

    I've got one, but I don't really feel very motivated to pull it out and open it up. I can be 'encouraged' with fine wines, caviar, Wagyu steaks, rare car parts and plain old cash....
  8. Your idea of "a reasonable price" is not necessarily going to match the production costs of such items (they are very labour intensive) but have faith, JDM Car Parts are more likely to come through than most of the rag tag bag of dreamers who have promised these before now...
  9. That's incorrect. Forum membership is 'free', and posting doesn't cost anything. Don't confuse full 'Z Club' membership with forum membership.
  10. The point is that the cooling passages are siamesed on the F54. That means less metal, but not none. An N42 cut in the same way would look quite different. You'd see less coolant passage space and more metal.
  11. Common misunderstanding. It's the coolant passages that are 'siamesed' on the F54, for more even cylinder cooling. It means less metal, not more.
  12. Photo comparison of various ZG flares

    A select few of us have been waxing evangelical about Marugen Shokai's products for about 12 or 13 years at least now... There should be a macron over the letter o in Shokai, and no letter u. You're welcome.
  13. Photo comparison of various ZG flares

    Companion piece: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/117331-oem-factory-240zg-overfenders-the-truth/ Consider it the Main Course to this thread's 'horses d'oeuvres'...
  14. I said "wow" to myself when I read that too, but probably not for the same reason as you. Where does this story come from? It sounds completely apocryphal to me. Maybe something 'lost in translation'...? Nissan was selling the MK63-20S caliper as a 'Race/Sports Option' part for other cars in their range before the S30-series Z debuted in 1969, so they were already in public circulation. Their original source - as a stock part for the top of the range Nissan President limousine - meant that they could be sourced elsewhere anyway. Why would Nissan want, let alone need to ask teams to give them back after using them? What a bizarre story. I'm also not sure why you are making the narrower, unvented - solid disc - type MK63 caliper sound like it's something cooler than the wider - vented disc - type? It was always easier - and cheaper - to find the unvented type, and it was the more expensive vented type that was more difficult to source. The upshot was that people started machining up spacers for the unvented type calipers to make them fit over a vented disc, leading to all sorts of caliper flexing problems. The reason they wanted to convert to vented discs was the fact that its so easy to overheat the stock - unvented - disc, with sudden fade (just when you didn't want it...) and pad glazing being the result. So the unvented type are fine up to a point, but the weak link is the disc. I would always recommend the vented type over the unvented type. I run MK63-20S calipers on 4 S30-series Zs and a KPGC10, and all of them with vented discs. I would not bother with the solid disc type.