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  1. I'm interested in the SU's, PM sent.
  2. The Primadonna Z Story - 56K

    I noticed what looks to be that same white car for sale on craigslist in Whitestone, Queens in NY. I'd never heard of the "Primadonna" Z cars before and ironically my search led me here. If anyone is interested, here's the link to the current ad: https://newyork.craigslist.org/que/cto/5955165173.html It definitely looks like the same car in auxilary's pictures minus the fan coolers on the wheels.
  3. Best oil for a 280Z?????

    Because there aren't enough options for you to choose from already, I run Joe Gibbs Driven conventional 10w-40 break-in or hot rod oil on recommendation from my engine builder. I have a Datsun Spirit 2.7L 'stage 1' motor and the car seems very happy with that syrup. It is $10-11 a quart off amazon and supposedly the 'hot rod' oil is the 'brake-in' oil with a different label for the same price.
  4. Twice pipe exhaust insulation?

    I'm fortunate enough to have a garage for winter storage right now so salt and rain really never touch the car. It's the unexpected 10-15 minutes of standstill traffic that's all to common in NJ that has me concerned. I think I'll try to fab up a plate to go between the tank and pipes once I go ahead with the kit. Two different layers of air should be plenty of insulation even if I end up sitting in a little traffic.
  5. Twice pipe exhaust insulation?

    Hello everyone! I'm doing a slow restoration on my 1972 240Z and I'm at the point of sorting out the exhaust. I believe we're going to go with the twice pipe setup for 3-2 headers from thezstore.com. This kit from what I understand recommends that you widen the opening in the rear fender to accommodate both pipes which is something I definitely don't want to do. My solution would be to modify the piping in the kit so that I have a center-exit exhaust which would go with the retro-racer look I'm after with my car. The only concern I have would be that there would be more heat in a much closer proximity to the stock fuel tank. So what would be the best insulation for the exhaust? I would assume header wrap would be plenty being that far down the exhaust system. Any input is greatly appreciated as I'm used to lifted trucks with miles of space between everything. Thanks in advance!
  6. E88 head question?

    Since my last post I ended up with a Datsun Spirit STR Stage I engine (based on an l24 block rather than an l28) with some extra goodies. I feel like it'll suit me pretty well for where I am and the driving I'll be doing with it. I did have a budget which I went slightly over for the engine, but I'm still plenty well enough under my overall budget for the car. There's nothing left I can't handle now and hope to have the car back on the road in two or three weeks.
  7. E88 head question?

    Thank you all for the information. I think this was just an unfortunate case of a new cam being rounded out. I've decided to do a complete overhaul/rebuild with Eiji at Datsun Spirit and will be posting a hopefully lengthy thread about it after it's all done. And thank you z-ya. I can't wait to drop into one of their events when the cars all finished!
  8. E88 head question?

    Thanks for the info guys. Definitely comforting to know the internally oiled cam was just a good alternative. Looks like I'll be shopping for a machine shop to get this head rebuilt. Datsun spirit is close enough but it's a shame I haven't found any reputable Datsun shops in NJ yet. Really slim pickings here in general.
  9. E88 head question?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and Z ownership. I have a fairly clean '72 240Z that's having some engine issues. It's had a very noticeable valve train tap since I brought her home about three months ago. I decided to pull off the valve cover last week to discover the camshaft is being rounded out. Fortunately I put less than a hundred miles on it since I acquired the car and now have the engine bay most of the way apart. The previous owner claims that the top end had been rebuilt a little while back, but then the engine smoked so he later had the bottom end rebuilt. Unfortunately the previous owner has since passed away and I have no records of what or where the work was done. My suspicion is that the top end of the engine was not rebuilt correctly. All the pictures of E88 heads that I've seen have externally oiled cams with oil squirting rails on them. When I pulled off my E88 head I found an internally oiled cam and shiny new bolts where the oil rail should be. Does it make sense that there should be an oil supply rail there? If so does anyone know where I can find a new one? Also, if I end up going for a complete overhaul and decide not to do it myself, what's the best option as far as well known Zcar engine shops go? I'm definitely attracted to Rebello and DatsunSpirit. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anyone on the east coast. Thanks in advance!