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  1. 280ZX Turbo Exhaust Manifold

  2. WTB: 280zx T5 Drive Shaft

    Thanks for checking. I also sent you a PM.
  3. WTB: 280zx T5 Drive Shaft

    I’m looking for a T5 Driveshaft. Please send me a PM. Thank you!
  4. I seem to have misplaced my set of 240z rods. If any one one has a complete spare set, please send me a PM with price. I’m located in California. Thank you!
  5. remaining parts from turbo build

    PM sent for the following items: 280zx 5 speed ('83, was standing in the shop for the last few months so it needs to be cleaned, runs nicely, comes with motor mounts, short throw shifter and stock clutch no speedo cable) $400,- P79 head, stock cam, MSA headers, Magnaflow exhaust (2.5"), $100,- takes it all
  6. WTB: Weber or TWM Throttle Body

    PM’d you Nelsonian
  7. I’m looking for a Weber or TWM Throttle Body. Preferably a Weber. Please let me know if you have one for sale and price. Thank you!
  8. Yes, I still need one. No worries Zedsn. Thank you for looking.
  9. Hi Hybridz, I am looking for a Datsun 280z Spare Tire Cover Cardboard. Either a 1975 or 1976 will fit. The Datsun 240z spare tire cover is different, however, the Datsun 260z might also fit. Looking one for pickup or shipped to Los Angeles, CA. Thank you, Joe
  10. The one without the cam, yes. The one with the cam looks like it has never been resurfaced.