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  1. I need a set of center caps for my 280z wheels. Even if it is a single one, that is fine. Eventually, I'd like to complete a set. See attached pictures for reference as to the center caps I need. Thank you!
  2. Would you happen to have the rear speaker brackets?
  3. Thanks for the pics. I was hoping it would be a hollow cam. Sorry, should’ve specified in the description. This one appears to be a solid cam.
  4. Please send me some pics. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a 280z or 280zx NA camshaft. Please PM for price and details. Thank you!
  6. I’m looking for a set of 280z wheel center caps. I have attached a picture for reference of the exact type I’m looking for. If you have only one, I’m still interested, figured I’ll eventually obtain a full set “one at a time” please PM me with price. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for the driver side door window rail guide. Mine is bent and does not allow the window to fully go down. Please see the attached pictures.
  8. Thanks for checking. I also sent you a PM.
  9. I’m looking for a T5 Driveshaft. Please send me a PM. Thank you!
  10. I seem to have misplaced my set of 240z rods. If any one one has a complete spare set, please send me a PM with price. I’m located in California. Thank you!
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