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  1. We worked with Chickenman yesterday, he stared with a clean slate and tuning from scratch. He got the basics dialed in but when we started the engine and let it run for just a short time, we ran into fueling issues and stopped there. So I have some work to do on the fueling, get my AFR gauge installed in the car, and some new spark plugs, and try again. My current fuel setup is the stock 260Z tank and stock 5/16 fuel lines. An electric low-pressure pump pulls fuel from the tank and pumps into a converted (BC Broncos version) fuel filter canister acting as a sort of surge tank.
  2. Chickenman, Sent you a PM. The injectors are high impedence. I can scan the data sheet sent with them if it will help.
  3. I have built and installed an MS3X system on a L28 turbo motor in a 260Z. I have it running, and idles, and am getting ready to get it out of the garage and drive it. I configured the tune from scratch and it is very rough. I am looking for someone with tuning experience to look over my tune and make suggestions or changes to get a safe, basic starting tune. Below is the engine specs, and I have attached my current tune. Thanks for any assistance! F54 block, dished pistons P79 head w/E30 cam - "B" stamp ARP head studs N42 non-EGR intake 440cc injectors LSx coil-on-pl
  4. This one just came up for sale in Houston; https://houston.craigslist.org/pts/d/datsun-nissan-fairlady-g-nose/6278482786.html
  5. I have one that was used for about a year, then removed along with the carbs. Sending you a PM.
  6. Here is the document. I had saved it to my pc to use as a reference while upgrading the A/C in the 260Z. I went with a Vintage Air unit as well, replacing the factory air. I made several attempts to restore the factory air and had many issues with the condenser and compressor. I have not finished the install as I am doing a turbo/Megasquirt install at the same time. Bryan DatsunZ_Vintage_Air_1000.pdf
  7. I found the receipt for the trans kit, it was at AutoZone, "ATC Pro King Manaul Transmission Rebuild Kit - BK104". In checking their website, they still offer the same kit, plus 3 other variations.
  8. Years ago (2009) I purchased a rebuild kit from the local AutoZone. Unfortunately I do not have any info from the outside of the box for the kit #, but you can see the bearing numbers in the photos. Hope this helps, if I find the kit #, I will post it up.
  9. Geez, it has been a while since I updated this thread! Things have moved slow due to life happening, but getting back at it. Since the last update, we got the flywheel, clutch, transmission, etc back in the car. The flywheel is a Centerforce unit that looks like 1/3 of the starter ring teeth are ground off. I could not find a replacement as Centerforce does not make them for the Z any more. Using it as-is for now and will see how it does. It all went in with no issues. I spent a lot of time on wire harness changes! I removed all of the interlock-disable relays and wiring, re
  10. More work done over the weekend. Before going to the salvage yard for a 300Z distributor, I put the spare distributor back together, made jumper wires, and hooked it up to the MS3X. I now have a good crank and cam signal! I still show a 'cam fault' error in TunerStudio, but will work on that later. Went back to the garage and got the heater hoses hooked up and finished inside the car. I put the dash back in to see how to route the vent and defrost hoses then pulled it back out. Final location of the inside unit; It should be about another inch forward (towards the sea
  11. Working in the evenings this week on the MS3X testing. I can not get a cam signal to register in tuner studio. Decided to try connecting the distributor with the DIY 12-1 wheel installed. I have two distributors, so tested with the 'spare'. I wasn't getting any signal for crank or cam. I pulled the dist from the motor, which the motor ran with, and found it is very hard to turn. It looks like I can get a crank signal at least with the stock wheel. When I went to replace the wheel, it got to where I can not turn it at all. I pulled the spare apart to see how it comes apart, then
  12. Sunshine! Finally! I managed to get some parts painted Saturday. Sunday was a trip to pick-n-pull to grab an idle valve. Found a 2-wire Bosch unit pretty quickly, and easy to remove, from a Volvo 740. Grabbed the valve, mount, pigtail, and some hoses. Not bad for $30. I was a bit surprised about the size of the valve, it is pretty hefty for what it does. I will have to work out where/how to connect the hoses. If anyone has done this, let me know how you did it. After the pick-n-pull adventure, I picked up an intercooler and some pipe from a Craigslist seller. Then it was time
  13. Got some work done over the weekend. We pulled the bulkhead fittings for the A/c and heater, sealed them to the firewall and finished up, installed the inside heat/air unit and the two A/C lines. Need to finish up the heater hoses, then can put the dash back in. Made a bracket for the wastegate actuator. Worked on the wastegate port on the turbo and enlarged and smoothed it out. Need to get the gasket for mounting to the manifold so I can match up the openings, and match it to the head. Need to port match the intake to the head also. I have a bunch of parts set aside to be cl
  14. MS3X assembly issue resolved. I emailed Matt at DIY and got it resolved. I need to research how best to setup MS for the DIY L28 wheel usage. I know it requires pull-up resistors and would like to put them inside the MS unit. It has been too cold in the garage lately to do much else.
  15. I began installing the A/C hard lines and have the two inside the car fitted. I need to pull the bulkhead fittings and seal them to the firewall, then install the inside unit for the last time. While I worked on that, my son pulled the intake and fitted the throttle body. He then pulled the turbo and we found that we will need a different mount for the wastegate actuator as the one we have doesnt fit the hole spacing, and hits on the housing. He then went on to finish up the mounts for the coils. They need some more final finishing, then I can post up photos. In between work,
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