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  1. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    Because it doesn't need to be done, here in California I can't find a place less than $100 to balance my crank. They said the crank it balanced without the internals, so as long at the internals are balanced to eachother (which they are) it's okay.
  2. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    The pistons aren't the same weight as stock. The pistons weights are equal to eachother though. Same with rods
  3. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    UPDATE: realstreet performance says the crank doesn't have to be balanced. As long as the internals are balanced to each other, as in rods equal the same weight as eachother and pistons equal the same weight, it's good to go.
  4. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    Yeah maybe I'll write them an email. I don't really want to do it if I don't have to
  5. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    Can anyone confirm this? I had it spun and the crank is straight and everything
  6. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    I edited the topic
  7. M_Dragan

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    Sorry. Question was supposed to be whether or not balancing the crank was completely necessary given what he's doing.
  8. Hey guys, my brother is building an engine alongside me. He had to have the engine bored to .020 over and his new Weisco pistons are all about 61 grams lighter than stock and weigh within a gram or two of eachother. I was reading that since the 2JZ engine is naturally balanced that it's fine to leave as-is but I don't want to mislead him. Does he have to balance his crank? FYI: stock crank, stock rods, ACL bearings, max of 600hp, and max 6,200RPM like my build.
  9. Im thinking of going with RPF1 wheels on my s30. Can anyone post pictures of their Z with them? I think they'd look good but I don't wanna part with the cash on a hunch. Thanks!
  10. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    Okay cool. Sorry for replying so late, I've been on vacation. I ended up finding my head gasket but I have just a couple more questions for you if you don't mind answering them. 1: what do you clean off the black head gasket stuff with from the old gasket? Scrubbing it with dawn and a scrubbing sponge does minimal. 2: Should I tell my machinist to also torque down my main caps? I've heard from some people that it's necessary.
  11. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    Serious question, how will the torque plate damage the deck without a gasket? I've never used one
  12. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    im not 100% sure I still have that. how critical is it to use?
  13. M_Dragan

    What turbo size should I use?

    Thank you! I'll have to give them a call when I'm close to completion.
  14. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    Hi, I'm upgrading to ARP head suds in my next build. Do I have to use a torque plate when having the 2J bored/honed? And should I bolt down the mains? I've heard different things, some saying I don't need it while others say its critical or my pistons will bind up in the cylinder wall from distortion. My power goal is 600hp maximum. Thanks!
  15. M_Dragan

    Will this seal?

    Even for an MLS head gasket?