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  1. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    Serious question, how will the torque plate damage the deck without a gasket? I've never used one
  2. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    im not 100% sure I still have that. how critical is it to use?
  3. M_Dragan

    What turbo size should I use?

    Thank you! I'll have to give them a call when I'm close to completion.
  4. M_Dragan

    Use of a torque plate?

    Hi, I'm upgrading to ARP head suds in my next build. Do I have to use a torque plate when having the 2J bored/honed? And should I bolt down the mains? I've heard different things, some saying I don't need it while others say its critical or my pistons will bind up in the cylinder wall from distortion. My power goal is 600hp maximum. Thanks!
  5. M_Dragan

    Will this seal?

    Even for an MLS head gasket?
  6. M_Dragan

    Will this seal?

    Maybe copper headgasket spray?
  7. M_Dragan

    Will this seal?

    Would you have any recommendations of which sealant to use? maybe permatex?
  8. M_Dragan

    Will this seal?

    I got a scrape on my freshly decked block. Will this seal?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use a 2002 Camaro bellhousing with an adapter for my CD009-LS adapter. My question is, is there a spacing difference between the LS1 flywheel and the Chevy 350? I need room in the bellhousing.
  10. Hi guys, I have a leak in my headers. I pulled them off on the weekend to replace the gaskets and I found that the heads appear to be the stock SBC square port but the headers are circular. The gasket I pulled off the headers are circular as well. Should I replace the gaskets with the same circular gaskets that were in there originally? I talked to a guy at summit and he said to match the gasket to the heads, the problem is that the square port gaskets are bigger corner to corner than the circular ones. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. M_Dragan

    Master cylinder suggestions

    Oh okay cool! I have a stock one at home that I can use for my build. Hopefully it works out lol
  12. M_Dragan

    Master cylinder suggestions

    Hey guys! I decided to use a Nissan 350z CD009 transmission adapted to my 2jz. I was wondering if anyone knows that clutch master cylinder would both fit in the s30 body and work with the stock slave cylinder on the CD009 trans. Thanks!
  13. M_Dragan

    To bore or not to bore

    Hell yeah! 900,000,000 HP here I come!
  14. M_Dragan

    To bore or not to bore

    I appreciate all the comments guys! After reading all this i noticed that the rod for the messed up cylinder was bent in a direction that the piston/crank do not move. So, I was going to go .020 over or more on the cylinders but I came across a block on the Facebook marketplace for $20. Took a gamble and bought it, and all the cylinders are okay aside for some glazing. I'm a happy guy right about now, I have a stock block for my current build and a block that I can bore in the future.
  15. M_Dragan

    To bore or not to bore

    Got it, I'll be looking more into that crank walk issue and those iron piston rings. I do have non vvti internals that I was co aoderig putting in the engine. What are your honest opinions though, will the motor just consume a little oil or will there be an even bigger problem?