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  1. To bore or not to bore

    Got it, I'll be looking more into that crank walk issue and those iron piston rings. I do have non vvti internals that I was co aoderig putting in the engine. What are your honest opinions though, will the motor just consume a little oil or will there be an even bigger problem?
  2. To bore or not to bore

    In case you were still wondering, here is the old piston for the cylinder lol.
  3. To bore or not to bore

    Thanks for the tips, I made my attempt and I think it turned out pretty well! The dark spot and vertical line aren't able to be felt with my fingernail. The main problem area us just below the vertical line. What do you guys think of the crosshatching?
  4. To bore or not to bore

    Its a GE, but my plans are to build it to be NA-T 500hp. It wouldn't be expensive at all. I can hone the cylinder with a loan a tool. Do you think it should be okay?
  5. To bore or not to bore

  6. To bore or not to bore

    Hi guys, I was disassembling my engine when I noticed this. I can just barely catch my fingernail on it, and its tiny. I've had very mixed answers or suggestions on what to do. Some say that I should just leave it if "I just want it to run" and others seem to think it'll be okay. Also, there is one of equal size or smaller on the apposing side of the cylinder. Should I bother boring it? Whats the worst that will happen if I clean it up and leave it? its pretty far up on the cylinder, almost at the top. (I can't catch my fingernail on anything else but those two scratches and all other cylinders are fine)
  7. What turbo size should I use?

    Yeah that's what I've been reading generally. I just wanted a second opinion because people on other forums for the 2JZ cant seem to make up their minds on what's best. Thanks for the help!
  8. Just wondering what size turbo I should use for my 2jz build if I want to start spooling around 3,000 RPM, what do you guys think?
  9. I want to know if its possible to tune a VVT-i 2jzge with megasquirt II. I've researched a bunch and have found nothing specific. Is it difficult?
  10. 2jzge throttle body

    Im going with megasquirt 2 standalone for my fuel management
  11. 2jzge throttle body

    Yes, I would be very interested. Ill send you a PM
  12. 2jzge throttle body

    Hmm yeah I'll steer clear of the ebay one. I guess I'll look for a v8 lexus throttle body. You say that 4-500hp is too much, how much should you recommend? Since I got it for so cheap, I was planning on upgrading to gte spec internals because it'll have to be rebuilt anyway. Should I bother?
  13. 2jzge throttle body

    On black friday I picked up a vvti 2jzge out of a 98 GS300 for $50. Perfect candidate for my na-t build. Although, it didn't have the throttle body with it when I bought it. I was searching around for a replacement throttle body and I've seen a couple different options. Would the throttle body listed below work for a +/- 400-500hp build range? It's $80 cheap, all the rest of them are about $150-200. Throttle body I'm considering: https://www.ebay.com/itm/90mm-Reverse-Throttle-Body-With-TPS-Sensor-For-Toyota-Supra-1JZ-2JZ-Black/222249823126?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  14. Picking out a clutch

    I've been told that the t5WC will handle 400hp fine as long as I don't drag race the car with slicks (which I won't be doing). They said that as long as the tires can break free and spin under load that it shouldn't be a problem. I also won't be going above 400hp, I just want the clutch to be a little above the max hp of the motor. As far ass the rear end goes, I will be replacing it with an r200. Thoughts?
  15. Picking out a clutch

    Okay cool, looks like ill be getting the Wildwood MC. Thanks for all the help!