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  1. Looking for l28et

    I've got a turbo manifold if you're interested.
  2. LY28 crossflow L Series Cylinder head

    Pictures dont show up.
  3. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    stock replacement from a new manufacturer, looks identical to the original. I couldn't find any specs on what the fuel pump put out from the listing.
  4. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    1. I have no problem with buying a higher pressure fuel pump, I just couldn't find what the stock one is rated at to see if it is needed in the first place. (What would be a good aftermarket alternative?) 2. Okay cool, that gives me a general idea of where I need to be at least. 3. Thats exactly what I was looking at, good to know. Thanks for your input, you've been extremely helpful!
  5. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    So I am doing a Megasquirt EFI swap as well as a Turbo motor swap, using Green Giant 440cc injectors. I have a brand new stock replacement fuel pump already installed on the car, and I know the stock FPR is around 35-38psi if I remember correctly. What is the maximum fuel pressure the stock pump can put out? I am looking at getting a new FPR as I will need more fuel pressure for this setup, but I am trying to figure out exactly how much I will be needing and also if my stock fuel pump needs to be replaced in order to achieve higher pressure. Any suggestions on a good FPR would be great as well. (and fuel pump if needed) 1.Can I use my stock replacement fuel pump? 2. How much fuel pressure should the turbo motor and megasquirt setup have? (green giant 440cc injectors, p90 head, dished pistons 7.31:1 cr, base tune of 220-230hp apox. will be tuned to 300whp) 3. FPR reccomendations?
  6. FS: Aluminum Radiator + Fan & Temp Switch - CA

    I'll buy it if you're willing to ship it. I'll pay shipping.

    Hmm that definitely gives me a lot to think about, I've asked around on some different pages and was pretty surprised to see that more than a few people got some pretty high numbers out of the N42 combo. 350 whp out of a n42 head and block with dished pistons and all, with a blow through triple webber setup! Now that I know it can be done, I want to know what I need to do to make a SAFE 300whp if possible. P90 heads seem like they are getting increasingly more difficult to find (and more expensive). I could run a Water/Meth injection system on my MS2 setup and hopefully have some sort of fail safe for it. I will be running a good intercooler setup and do everything I can to keep the intake temps down. I'd like to install a sensor too just to see exactly whats going on in there. Lots of work to do and money to spend. And I need to find the right turbo still lol CA gas is garbage. Very disappointing that I cant do better at the pump. Again I appreciate the feedback/help/advice! Its been a great help in leading me in the right direction.

    That is what I've read, and one of the reasons I started down this road. And I am apart of the "Church" lol. I have asked some questions regarding this build today to see what I get as a response. And as for EFI I am having a full new EFI harness built for the build using Megasquirt. And definitely running an intercooler and all that good stuff. >click here to see my build thread<

    Interesting.. My build is based off of another member that successfully ran a turbo on his stock n42 head and block. (bonfire79 on zcar.com). My setup is n42 head and block with dished pistons. The current compression ratio is 8.21:1. This is the guide I have been following: http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/376338-how-convert-n-l28-turbo.html As for tuning I am having it professionally tuned. But I definitely see your point on being cautious ( I certainly dont want it to blow up) And these motors really seem to be mules! That's impressive to say the least about the 400hp motor on a stock bottom end. I'll definitely up the injectors if that's the case as well. Wouldn't want to fall short on fuel. Also where I live in CA we only have 91 at the most, which sucks! Will I 100% need a water/meth system for this to operate safely? Edit: A P90 head would drop my compression ratio to 7.5:1, even lower than my original target, what other heads work well with turbos?
  10. So you may have seen my build thread. I am converting my N/A L28 to turbo using the stock N42/N42 motor with a 2mm HKS head gasket and a compression ratio of 7.65:1. Upon my research I have found that finding the exact turbo for this build is alot harder than I though. And requires some pretty good knowledge of how turbos work, compressor maps etc.. I've done some searching here and there but havent seen anyone doing my setup so far with the N42 combo with the 2mm gasket. Feel free to chime in and I'm curios to know what turbos you guys are running, and also if you have some helpful advice to steer me in the right direction that would be very helpful as well. I will continue my research either way. Here is what my goals are: Full spool by 3k-4k rpms. 300whp capable. 500-900 dollar price range (preferably around 700-800 if possible) These are the things I can think of at the moment, I am probably forgetting something. but a 3-4k spool seems like the best for the rpm range of this build (6500). Feel free to chime in with any advice, criticism, or whatever you'd like! I am wanting to learn, and wanting to make sure my setup is right the first time. Like I said earlier I will continue this research but I figured I'd put this post out here so I can see what people have to say. Shameless build plug >Click Me<
  11. Absolutely. And alot of my reason with sticking with the L28 build is that its already ready to rock n roll! It just needs a little pep and itll be a fun car(funner I should say!). I'm sure it will get a swap someday but I really am intrigued with the L28 and wanna see what its all about.
  12. Really? Interesting it must be a much lighter material. It sure does take up alot of room! haha worth it im sure though! And I can always swap in a newer motor! With the scarcity of parts for these builds I may not get the chance to do this again! And its looking good! Cant wait to see the finished product!
  13. I couldnt agree more!
  14. It has new tires on it now, I'll have to check what they are. I think the wheels are 16x8 with brand new BF Goodrich G-Force Comp 2's. 225s. They came with the car and were brand new. And I am buying a full harness and kit from softopz so anything that will be needed to get it going he will make sure I have it for the setup I am going for, he's been very helpful. I am also gonna have it tuned remotely to help me get it right. The stock fuel pump has been replaced with a brand new one recently (stock replacement) but I have no clue what it's output is. Most likely higher fuel pressure than stock id imagine. And as for timing I'd assume so (bare with me as im still learning about megasquirt). I know it'll be using the turbo distributor for sure so I'm assuming it will communicate the timing through that.
  15. Believe me I have considered swapping it... But alot of work went into modifying the power steering, A/C and all that stuff to work on this L28 and I would hate to rip all that off and it just fits in the car so well. This motor has been meticulously cared for and maintained by the PO and its just too good for me to pull out. After this motor reaches its limits I'll go the swap route (rb25det probably). That and I feel like someones gotta keep modifying these engines! lol Gotta keep the L28 alive and well. Also want to keep the car as light as possible, and I really like the way a clean L28 looks in the engine bay with a nice megasquirt system installed like some of the pictures on this thread. Someday I'll swap it, but not until I get tired of this one! haha Your build looks amazing btw, do you have any videos?