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  1. Z-Rider

    240z Air cleaner

    Pm sent
  2. Z-Rider

    240z Air cleaner

    Is that the one that mounts on the flat tops? If so I'm looking for the one that mounts on the round tops. Sorry for not being specific.
  3. Z-Rider

    240z Air cleaner

    Whats up Z guys. Anyone have a 240z Air cleaner they want to sell cheap? If so let me know. Thanks!
  4. Z-Rider

    Good Cheap 240z Junk (Oceanside, CA)

    Pmed on carb stuff
  5. Z-Rider

    Mikuni 40phh 44phh parts

    Sounds good Gnosez, thanks. I will wait few more days to see if anyone here has any, if not I will give them a shot. Thanks again!!
  6. Z-Rider

    Mikuni 40phh 44phh parts

    Hey z guys, anyone have these parts in you extra parts bin? On the diagram it's part 39 and 44. I'm needing 2 sets. Both 40 and 44phh fit. Also looking for part 26, jet block. Just need 2 of those off a solex 44phh only. If you have them let me know price. Thanks!
  7. Z-Rider

    240z parts

    Still have parts. Bumpity bump.
  8. Z-Rider

    240z parts

    All pm's answered. Jkelly, pm sent.
  9. Z-Rider

    240z parts

    Hey guys have some stuff I had stored and don't need. 1. 240z hazard switch. This thing looks like new and works. Sold!!! 2. Inspection engine light in near mint shape. Sold!!! 3. Original hitachi speaker covers that. $20 4. Tension bar rubber bushings. New, has a little overspray of paint being in the shop. $10. 5. 240z arm rest in good usable shape. $25. (Shipping is $12 priority mail.) Will ship priority so shipping should be about 6 bucks. If you buy more parts I will stick it in the same box to save you on shipping.
  10. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    Grill was tossed away. Moders can delete. Thanks
  11. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    Thanks! Money sent for shipping.
  12. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    Sounds good to me.
  13. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    Sounds good to me.
  14. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    $10 plus shipping?
  15. Z-Rider

    240z front grill

    awesome I will take it