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  1. Looking for a turbo T5 bellhousing, Thanks, Chris
  2. I've got one. I'll take some pics today and email you.
  3. Sorry again for the delay in posting. I have had some issues. I thought that I would make these in stainless, but I failed to take into account how easily stainless work hardens. If I had dies and a press this would not be a real problem but since I'm hammer forming them trying to shrink the stainless around the form was an issue. So I'm in the process of doing a run of 25 sets in steel and then will send them out to a high quality chrome plating company in Richmond VA. This has morphed into more work than I imagined as I originally only planned to make a few at a time. So far I've made 12 se
  4. Looking for a turbo distributor for a megasquirt conversion. Thanks, Chris
  5. My first Z was an early 260. IMO they are much better looking than a 280 with the huge ugly Fed bumpers. Only real bad thing about that car was the flat top carburetors and the massive vapor lock that would happen all the time. Being I was sixteen and this was 1988 (way before the internet) I had no clue that I could have swapped 240 carbs into the car and cured the vapor lock. But looks wise an early 260 doesn't look much different than a 240
  6. Core shift is an issue with these blocks along with people running tap water in them. I believe the 1 in 6 statement because it's a result of their testing many blocks over the years.
  7. Nice Snatch reference. Mark what size are your pistons? I missed that in the thread, (just kinda skimmed it quickly.) I wanted to share something I read on Les Collins website. Evidently very few blocks whether N42 or F54 can handle the 3mm overbore. If you are going 89 make sure you get the block sonic tested as Les Collins states that only 1 in 6 blocks can handle the 3mm overbore. http://lescollinsracing.com/engine/projects-engine/3435cc-z-racer Surprising whats true and what gets passed around as truth.
  8. Check out the Nissan Diesel forums: http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/. Someone on there would want it. I get a kick out of reading how much they hate S30 guys who pirate their motors for the crankshaft.
  9. No rust = excellent deal. I think you did just fine.
  10. I guess i should just give up then... Seriously, Why are you arguing with me about this?Would I like to have an original set to go off of? Yes. Is it necessary? No. Have I seen closeup pictures? Yes. The gentleman that provided me tracings of his also provided plenty of pics. I've seen several sets in person. I have other pics. Far more complicated parts have been made with less. Did you even read my posts? I mentioned countersinking the holes Read my post I mentioned the gaskets. They are not complicated parts to make. Hardest thing is forming the trim ring. I think that is what has stopped
  11. I was provided tracings of an NOS set which is all I need to copy them. The Lens molds I made using one of my Z's (71) The '71 has fiberglass headlight buckets, my 73 has steel. The molds fit both perfectly. The shape should be very close to the originals. Quality will be equal to or superior to the originals. They will be constructed like the originals out of 2 pieces and Tig welded together in same locations as the originals. 18 or 20 gauge stainless polished. UV resistant acrylic for the lenses. Stainless hardware and necessary gaskets. Only real issue I see is that the mounting holes on th
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