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  1. Is that the one that mounts on the flat tops? If so I'm looking for the one that mounts on the round tops. Sorry for not being specific.
  2. Whats up Z guys. Anyone have a 240z Air cleaner they want to sell cheap? If so let me know. Thanks!
  3. Sounds good Gnosez, thanks. I will wait few more days to see if anyone here has any, if not I will give them a shot. Thanks again!!
  4. Hey z guys, anyone have these parts in you extra parts bin? On the diagram it's part 39 and 44. I'm needing 2 sets. Both 40 and 44phh fit. Also looking for part 26, jet block. Just need 2 of those off a solex 44phh only. If you have them let me know price. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, anyone have a good new or used set of front 280zx wildwood brake kit? If so let me know price and shipping to 76548. Thanks!
  6. RIP John. Your a legend in the Z community and your knowledge here will forever help us Z guys. Thanks for all you have done.
  7. Could be like me jeffer, I don't have any post either because I do more reading, selling, and purchasing parts then anything else and been a member here for a while.
  8. Z-Rider

    SU Carbs

    Hey guys, any complete sets of SU carbs out there you want to get rid of? PM me price and pics. Thanks!
  9. Whats up guys, looking for a set of complete su carbs. If you have a set, pm me pics and price shipped to 76542. Thanks!
  10. Hey Chris I have a set of headlight rings I can send you if you hook me up with a good deal when your production comes out. pm me
  11. I never used it for electronics before but I'm sure you can with the proper solvent. Google what solvents are safe for electronics.
  12. Nevermind, I contacted Suzie via email and confirmed that David Patten from Futofab will be acquiring the business. Just FYI for those who don't know.
  13. Sorry for finding out so late but it was a complete shocker to hear about this. I still have a hard time believing this honestly. RIP my good ol friend... you will be missed. Anyone knows if anyone is going to take over his business and continue selling mikuni products and other services he provided?
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