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  1. hat1324

    What was up with Pinks last night?

    what about the one where they exchange a helmet or a van.. wtf? and im skeptical all in all about the show becuase of the chitown racing people. they did the show, lost, then took their car home. TWICE. I know one time they lost a competitor and called some guy randomly to do it.. I also heard rumors of a law suite....
  2. hat1324

    RB30 bottom ends

    just a thought as I have been dreaming RB30 since 03, there is alot of talk about a VW belt working with the swap making it easyer to get state side.. I have alot of info compiled if someone needs somthing but basicly think higher deck height and longer stroke. the best source I found was skylines down under and that long *** thread. there is also a Aussie shop that will build the block over there and was willing to ship it to me.. there link is also on SDU
  3. hat1324

    6speed trans?

    from what I understand it is the same but with a transfercase where a shifter would be. odly enough a tranny guy localy talked with me about using a Z33 tranny. i dont see it being a option untill someone wants to front getting a new case prototyped. I thought it would be just a bell housing but the entire case is together. second the shifter is the old supra style(long behind) and the cover is NOT for a toploader. So inless you want to have a 2+2 and use and adapter and shift from the back seat, I dont see the Z33 as a vaible option. but if anyone is interested, he has 2 just sitting in a corner.
  4. hat1324

    LM1 Wideband O2 Group Buy

    is it possible to get the wideband and sensor as mentioned two posts up? I'll be using a link plus ECU, witch also takes in 5v signal for o2. But doesnt output...
  5. hat1324

    6speed trans?

    from what I understand about the Silvia and skyline trannys is that the are the same as the 5speeds with a extra gear crammed in. Making it not much stronger of an tranny. Im going to be making a Z33 to RB bellhousing here soon though...
  6. hat1324

    RB25 guys

    yeah thats retarted, makes no sense for the extra throttle.. my only question is about the TPS and idle air control..
  7. hat1324

    The Dreaded 6

    mind if I take this over to racebread?
  8. hat1324

    RB25 guys

    what if you used the same idea, but put the Y pipe right by the front of the plenum with a single throttle.
  9. hat1324

    Q's Mounts (I guess that's what I'll call them)

    how low does the mounts put the motor? Ill be using a RB30 motor witch sits a bit higher then the 25 and 26 motor, so Im interested in clearance..
  10. hat1324

    My New Digs "Eat Your Heart Out"

    serious.. ive allways thought of moving to montana for the cheaper housing... problem is where to work...
  11. pricey?? for forged pistons and rods?
  12. hat1324

    Over 300hp per litre from RB30DET in Aussie

    the problem isnt in the shipping, its in the crazy tax. as soon as I get some other things in line I need to find someone who can ship it.. im gussing about $200USD for the bottom end. then $500USD for shipping and import tax. then i dont even want to use the stock rotating assembly... just the block and crank.. so Ill have some extra parts lol.
  13. hat1324

    Over 300hp per litre from RB30DET in Aussie

    sick, allthough thats right off the crank, I've seen standard 26's pull 800+ to the wheels.. Id really like to see if they are making that main girdle...
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TWIN-TURBO-CHEVY-BIG-BLOCK-NISSAN-280-Z_W0QQitemZ4588221930QQcategoryZ98062QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. hat1324

    wich is cheaper, if it even works?

    I also agree with the 26 being the starting point if power is what you want. personally im going 30.